Crazy in Country: The Aftermath

Weekend retreat for the girls + sleepover for Ben = Crazy Monday

Emma slept late and then spent the first hour of the school day staring into space.

Ben had a hard day, too, which resulted in the loss of all electronics until further notice.

At a loss for entertainment, he asked, “Can I at least play Solitaire on the computer?”

I told him he could play Solitaire with a deck of cards. That’s actually still possible, did you know?

Hopefully a dinner of comfort food (mac and cheese with bacon!) and a good night’s sleep will set everyone to rights tomorrow.

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Sunday Song: All My Ways are Known to You

In days of peace and days of rest
In times of loss and loneliness
Though rich or poor, Your word is true
That all my ways are known to You

No trial has come beyond Your hand
No step I walk beyond Your plan
The path is dark outside my view
Still all my ways are known to You

And oh what peace that I have found
Wherever I may be
For all my ways are known to You
Hallelujah, they are known to You!

I do not fear the final night
For death will be the door to life
You take my hand and lead me through
For all my ways are known to You

Open up my eyes so I may see
That You have made these ways for me
Open up my eyes so I may see
That You my God, will walk with me

You can hear the song here. (At our church the opening tune is played by mandolin, which I love.)

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Crazy in the Country

It’s a quiet weekend here. The girls have gone on a youth retreat. In preparing for “Crazy in the Country” we realized they both needed new coats; Emma grew many inches since last winter, and Abby hadn’t gotten a coat since we left Florida (she doesn’t go outside much). Both girls were also desperate for new sweatshirts. We bought them new coats and sweaters and sweatshirts so they’d be all warm and cozy for the weekend. Then, as we were leaving last night to drop them off, I noticed Emma’s coat tossed on the stairs. I brought it out to her with a pointed look.

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War and Peace: Some Books are Not to be Read Quickly

I’m slogging through the end of Here I Stand, the famous biography of Luther. It’s less about Luther as a person and more about his role in the political and religious changes in his lifetime, so it’s a little hard to keep all the people straight.

Alongside the Reformation strife, I like to have a fiction book going. I recently read three mysteries in quick succession: Murder on the Orient Express, The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, and The Man in the Queue.

So I started looking for something a bit heavier to finish the year. Last winter I started War and Peace, but gave up on it by page 268. I know this because I optimistically left the bookmark in place. As I was struggling to read it my sister told me that the mom in the Anastasia series (by Lois Lowry) says she loved the peace parts and skipped the war parts, which made me laugh hysterically. Spot. On.

Deciding that a guide of some sort would be helpful, I googled for one and found something interesting. Here’s an article by a man who’s read a chapter a day of War and Peace for the past 7 years. Isn’t that fascinating? He just keeps reading it. Continue reading

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7QT: Running Down My Amish Fascination

In July, we drove up to Lancaster and spent the day in Amish country. It got my curiosity going, and as so often happens to me, it took a stack of books to run it down. (Coincidentally, there were seven!)

  1. I went to the library and checked out a rather large book called The Amish. I thought I’d read a few sections here and there, just trying to satisfy my curiosity on a few points. But I found that I couldn’t stop reading it! Every time I read a section, I would get super interested and have to back up several pages to read more. Finally I decided to start from the beginning. I read the entire 500 page book in about a week, and used my new book darts like crazy.

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Family in DC

Last week we were in D.C. for my uncle’s burial service. Family came from all over the country to be together. A few of us grabbed some photos before we separated.

(I’m wearing my glasses all the time now, both because my contacts are giving me fits and because my new glasses are progressive lenses — meaning I can see everything, far and near, easily and all at once. I love love love them for practical reasons. However, they do not photograph well. Hello, glare. Oh well. I’m too old to be so vain, right?)

The cousins — featuring my son, the only child not in black. In retrospect, I should have bought him a black shirt. I thought this dress shirt (which he scornfully refers to as his “old man shirt”) would be dressy enough, but everyone else was in black.

The girls. I know I’m biased, but I think they’re so beautiful.

With my favorite sailor:

The sisters:

The twins:

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Podcast Subscriptions

I thought I’d update my list of current podcast subscriptions. Some are the same as my previous post;┬áseveral have changed for various reasons.

Note to amateur podcasters of the world: Quit, like, saying, like, the same word, like, so many times. You sound ridiculous. Most of us say that word more often than we should (I’m trying very hard to quit), but if you’re going to record yourself talking and publish it for other people to listen to, you have to stop it. Like, now.

In no particular order, these are the podcasts I’m currently subscribed to. I use Podcast Addict.

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