The mystery of a cool lunch

This week Abby is attending Catechism Camp at church. They spend the mornings studying and memorizing catechism questions and answers, eat lunch, and then enjoy a fun activity in the afternoon. She’s having a blast.

Since we home school, I am not accustomed to packing lunches for my kids. I went shopping to get a few things, including lunch meat, string cheese and individual containers of applesauce.  Abby was happy with these purchases.

First day:

I packed a turkey sandwich, string cheese and applesauce. I thoughtfully remembered to include a spoon. Lunch box was checked and approved by Abby.

When I picked her up in the afternoon, I was informed that she didn’t like string cheese, so she gave it to a friend. And at lunchtime, the teacher calls out possible lunch items, and if you have those, you get a prize.  I was told that I had packed an inferior lunch and needed to include more “cool stuff.”  Like fruit roll ups or pudding cups.

Second day:

I asked Abby what she wanted in her lunch. She told me to surprise her. Two minutes later she said she wanted PB&J, but also reminded me that she needed “cool stuff” and that applesauce was NOT cool and under no circumstances should I pack that awful applesauce for her again.  I raided the pantry in vain for “cool stuff”, threw in some trail mix and, brilliantly, a Tootsie Roll from her candy bag.

That afternoon she told me that the trail mix was a terrible idea, and she didn’t eat it.  The Tootsie Roll was my redeeming grace.  However, the teacher, in offering prizes for potential lunch box items, called out applesauce.

Today, applesauce is cool. She must have applesauce in her lunch today.

And now I have a new answer to the “why do you home school?” question: Because packing lunches is too much stress.

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Navy wife. Homeschooling mom. Adoptive parent. Pianist. Introvert. One who loves quiet and beauty.
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6 Responses to The mystery of a cool lunch

  1. shirley wilmoth says:

    perhaps you could call the teacher at home and suggest the last day it be cool to have string cheese and applesauce and then pack accordingly. Ha ha I have enjoyed this post!

    • Sharon Church says:

      Planning and packing lunch is most certainly an art form! Sounds like the rules change daily. I would trade my applesauce for a bag of chips…are chips cool?

  2. Tim Church says:

    It makes me wonder how kids seem to allow status to be measured by what you have in lunches & things (at least did when I was growing up), when early on, most kids don’t make those choices themselves.

  3. haha…amen to that!!

  4. Rebecca says:

    My lunches are never cool. Julie’s complaints are always vague – “more stuff,” is usually the gist. Like what, you ask? It is never clear to me. “Just more things – everyone always has more things” is generally her answer. I can’t imagine why these kids need to eat 8 things at a sitting, or what kinds of things they should be! By the end of the year, I was just tossing in whatever I could find around the kitchen. A muffin, some dry cereal, sliced pepperoni, crackers, a craisin or two. . . it was indeed stressful.

  5. shirley wilmoth says:

    I don’t mean to complain about my wonderful Mother but to tell you the truth I understand what Julie means about “more stuff”. For all the years of my schooling in which I had a packed lunch, I had 2 things. One was always a sandwich and then there would be one other item. Knowing if that item were a couple of saltines or a candybar really changed my morning for the good or bad. I couldnt help but notice all the cool kids with little colored thermoses of soup or fancy 7-layer cookies! Once in high school, I loved the days when I had some change in my purse and knew I could buy an ice cream sandwich from the cafeteria cooler. yum

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