Trip to Atlanta

My sister, aka Cool Cool Aunt Robyn,  was given four free tickets to Medieval Times through her work at the tv station, and generously offered to share them with us! Abby and Emma were excited to see a show where the girls dressed up like princesses and horses were part of the entertainment.

Cool Cool Aunt Robyn also works at the stables at Lake Lanier. (She likes to stay busy.)  The girls have been riding ponies there from the time they were very small, and they LOVE it! So we decided to head to Atlanta early and enjoy some time at Lake Lanier before seeing the show.

First up: Pony and horse rides. Abby is old enough to go on an actual horse now! After donning the required helmet, she tried to put her hat on.

Emma was content to stay in the big ring with Daddy leading her pony.

At least Emma was looking at me...

Abby learned to trot

The barn girls pose

After the horse and pony rides, it was time for a swim.  Robyn walked us over to the water park, showed her ID badge, and the four of us were waved right into the park for free! (I told you. She’s cool.)  We didn’t have long to swim, but we enjoyed the wave pool, the kiddie pool, and the water slide (just Wayne and Abby on that last one).  I left the camera in the car, not wanting to worry about its safety while we were enjoying the water.

Then it was time to shower and get pretty for the show!  Poor Robyn had to work later than expected and got home barely 20 minutes before the show was to start! But she’s so cool, she could shower and get beautiful faster than anyone, and made it to the show just in time.

We thoroughly enjoyed the show: the costumes, the horses, the food…

Eating medieval fare

Abby posing with our knight, and holding the flower he threw to her

This is what happens when you ask Emma to pose

She's pretending to ride a horse (I had to ask)

You've heard of hat hair? I had crown hair.

Emma declined to be in this photo

Thanks again, Cool Cool Aunt Robyn, for using your considerable connections to bless us with a fun day!

About waymel

Navy wife. Homeschooling mom. Adoptive parent. Pianist. Introvert. One who loves quiet and beauty.
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3 Responses to Trip to Atlanta

  1. shirley wilmoth says:

    That sounds like a vacation all in one day and thanks for the great pictures so we can share in it. The girls are growing up so fast and learning so much!

  2. Tim Church says:

    Maybe Emma declined to be in one b/c she worked so hard “posing” in the other.

    I can’t read about M. Times without thinking of “Cable Guy”… Maybe just me.

    Looks cool, though.

  3. Robyn says:

    You’re very welcome! It was a fun day for me too.

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