Birthday Road Trip

I had a birthday last week, and my husband was out of town.

(How rude!  The Navy really should check with me before they schedule these things.)

I decided that meant a road trip to one of my favorite places: Charleston.  Someday I’ll get to go alone and see all the things that I really want to see (churches, houses and oh-so-many more churches), but this time I knew I had to settle for seeing a few things that interested me, and doing other things that would be fun for my girls.

First up, a visit to the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon.  I had seen the dungeon last year when Robyn and I visited Charleston, but Abby really wanted to see it.

(As an aside…do I ever write a post without mentioning Robyn? I’m thinkin’ not.)

The girls wanted to pose with this guy.

The mailboxes on display (to show us how the post office looked in the 1700s) reminded me of the ones we had in college.  Any Evangel alum want to concur?

Next, we signed up for a carriage tour.  We’ve never done one before, because I think they are outrageously expensive, but 1. ) The girls can only walk so far in one day, 2.) It was in excess of 90 degrees and 3.) It was a way of learning more about the city while sitting in a shady carriage.

This was our horse Jake.  Before he carried people around Charleston, he helped the Amish plow their fields. True story.

The tour was nice and I learned some interesting things about some of the homes.  I think the girls mostly enjoyed sitting for an hour.

We also walked through the Market for awhile, looking for an old-fashioned rag doll for Abby (she eventually bought a handkerchief doll).  I can’t believe how much shopping goes on in that city!

Notice what we haven’t done yet? Yeah, visit any historic churches. I had done some research and discovered a church that had evening prayers every weekday at 5:00.  We finished the carriage ride around 4:45, about 3-4 blocks from the church.  Although the kids were tired, I pulled the “it’s my birthday and we’re doing this” card and dragged them on over to the church.  Know how many people were there?  It was the priest, the lay reader and us. Oh yes. It wasn’t quite the experience that it could have been sans children, but at least I got to go, and I got to see the inside of the church, which was beautiful.

After looking around the sanctuary for a few minutes, we ducked into a restaurant for some dinner, where we discovered it was 2 for $10 Tuesday. How about that? The girls split an entree, so we all had dinner for 10 bucks.

Then we headed on to the cupcake store.  The plan was to have birthday cupcakes, which we did – red velvet for me, watermelon for Abby, and chocolate for Emma.  We also walked right into another Tuesday deal: a free cupcake for a child with the purchase of an adult one. The moral of the story is, if you’re going to Charleston and you want to save some money, go on Tuesday.

They were delicious.

4 thumbs up for the sugar!

I could have stayed in Charleston longer (like a week longer), but the girls really only wanted to get to the hotel pool, so I gave in and we headed to our home for the night.

First, I opened the gifts they had brought for me.

Abby had made a bookmark, a potholder, and a necklace for me.

Emma gave me some toys from her room. 🙂

Then we headed down to the pool, where they promptly became BFFs with this girl.

Towel heads and a last minute appearance by a gleeful Emma

In the morning, we drove about 10 miles down to Folly Beach, SC.  It was perfect. Not a cloud in the sky, not too crowded, great beach that was shallow for quite a ways out…  We had a super fun day playing in the water and sand.

It was a really fun mini-vacation.  If you like historic southern cities, the beach, and spending time with little girls, you should totally copy this trip on your next birthday.

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Navy wife. Homeschooling mom. Adoptive parent. Pianist. Introvert. One who loves quiet and beauty.
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3 Responses to Birthday Road Trip

  1. shirley wilmoth says:

    When I talked to you on your birthday, it sounded like you were having a great trip. I think this blog and the pictures prove that. How nice!!!

  2. Robyn says:

    Thanks for mentioning me! This does look like a fun trip. I love how Em poses with one leg bent stylishly.

  3. ellen says:

    LOVE charleston! way to make sure your birthday was fun even without husband:) i enjoyed chatting with you this morning and i always wish there was more undistracted time for conversation after leaving the park…

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