Road trip to Jacksonville – Straight No Chaser concert

Yesterday, the girls and I took a road trip down to Jacksonville to see Straight No Chaser.  It was part of Abby’s and Emma’s Christmas present and the entirety of mine.  I told Wayne that going to the concert could be my only gift, since it would require an overnight road trip.  “My boys” were in Atlanta a few days ago, but it was the same night as our church Christmas program so we couldn’t go then.  The girls love SNC almost as much as I do, so they were totally pumped about getting to see them live for the first time (concert #4 for me).

Of course, we all loved the show.  The guys can all sing, no doubt, but watching them live just adds another dimension.  They are consummate entertainers and love what they do.  Songs like “Fix You” and “Hark the Herald” were breathtaking; other songs (like their Justin Bieber/Lady Gaga mashup or “Billie Jean/Poison”) were just plain fun.  I didn’t take any video, because there’s already so much on youtube.  If you haven’t seen the ones I mentioned, search youtube and watch them!  I love this one too.  That Tyler is decent. 😉  I did take a few pictures, and while I’m no photographer and our seats weren’t super close, I thought some of them turned out ok.

Buddy Holly

Big Girls Don't Cry / Walk Like A Man

The end of Gaga. Or DR in contortions.

12 Days of Christmas

My beautiful girls, so excited to be there!

photography credit to Emma - you didn't need to see the top of my head, did you?

So we had a great time at the concert, which ended with them singing “O Holy Night” off mic.  That never gets old.  In the know, I pushed the girls out the door immediately after the last note so we could get in line for the meet and greet.  I’ve gone through and talked to the guys at a couple of other concerts and this time I was hoping to get a picture of Abby and Emma with the guys.  At least with a few of them.  Even just with Ryan, since he’s their favorite.  But when we got out there, security people started hollering that the line was for autographs only and there would be  NO PHOTOGRAPHS.  Whaaa?  Shoot!  But I figured maybe the line was so long, they didn’t want people to hog time by asking the guys to stand for pictures, so they’d just cut out pictures in line altogether.  Oh well.  I knew the girls would enjoy getting to meet everyone anyway.

But it was different than it had been in the past. Other times, they’d asked my name and where I was from and acted really grateful that I’d driven a couple of hours to get there.  I don’t know if it’s because they’re getting more well known or because it’s near the end of their tour and they’re over it or what, but they signed our stuff and pushed it down to the next person, barely speaking to us at all.   I told a couple of the guys that it was Abby and Emma’s first concert, and we’d driven 5 hours to see them, hoping that would encourage a few words to my very excited but also shy daughters.  In a stroke of bad timing for us, Ryan had some family members come up to see him just as we got to him, so we didn’t get to talk to him at all.  Jerome asked them what their favorite song was (they were too shy to answer) and Seggie asked them for high 5s.  But everyone else sort of mumbled “thanks and hope you’ll come see us again” and that was it.  It was disappointing.  Plus, the Nazis security people were throwing folks out of the theater for taking pictures.  Not even people in line, holding things up or asking for more time.  Just people standing in the lobby trying to get a picture of the guys at the signing table.  That was just crazy.  I saw it happen 3 times.

I guess part of what I loved about them was that feeling that I knew them, since I’ve followed them from the beginning.  But the secret’s out: they’re awesome. And now everyone knows and I have to remember that we’re not actually friends. 🙂

If you have a chance to see them live, don’t miss it!  But I’d probably skip the autograph line next time.

This morning I took the girls to the beach for a little bit.  We were so close…you can’t be 20 minutes from the ocean and not go see it!  They rolled up their pants and ran for the water.

We weren’t really equipped for sand play, but Abby used a seashell to scoop sand out and make a water hole.  I guess the ocean wasn’t enough of a water hole for her…

It was a great trip! Precious girls, an unbelievably good show, and gorgeous warm weather at the beach.

Merry Christmas!

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4 Responses to Road trip to Jacksonville – Straight No Chaser concert

  1. shirley wilmoth says:

    wonderful pictures and story of your trip. Looks like you all had a great time and your pictures allturned out really good. I loved reading this.

  2. So glad I caught this on “the Twitterverse” (what one of the guys from “Psych” calls it, FYI). Sounds (& looks) like fun.

    I know what you mean about the lines, security, etc. My last Rockapella show was the same way… But I’m nearing 20, so no big deal. (Just wishing Thomas got to talk to them more.)

  3. robyn says:

    Shoot. I must have ruined it by asking where they were going after. My fault.

  4. Jen says:

    Awwww, looks like a great time with your girls. 🙂
    Don’t get discouraged by the lousy M&G. In my a cappella fandom, I’ve seen a wide range– the rush-through-the-line-don’t-you-dare-touch-them-and-out-the-door kind, and the stand-around-and-chat-and-take-pictures variety. Just because you got a crappy one doesn’t mean they’ll be like that from here on out. Could’ve been the end of the tour combined with a persnickety venue.

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