Adoption Update

We got a few new photos last week.  Here he is, sweet buddy with the frowny face:

I love his Spiderman boots.  And I want to hug him and tease him – like I do Emma, when she’s cranky – by saying, “Don’t smile! Don’t you smile! Don’t do it!”…until he laughs and forgets that his brow was ever wrinkled by those fears.

I guess it’s been awhile since I posted about our adoption.  We did pay our agency fees at the end of January.  Then we took a deep breath and realized we did not have enough money to pay for us all to go to Korea, as had been our hope.  We really want to go, and we all got passports so we can go, but it’s just more than we can do.  So, we said goodbye to that dream and started planning for Wayne to travel alone to bring Ben home.

In the meantime, EPs (emigration permissions) started moving again in Korea!  This was a huge deal, as NOTHING moved in all of January and February.  Families were finally submitted early this month, and received news of approval in the past few days.  Those lucky folks will probably receive travel calls in a couple of weeks!

We had been told that Eastern (our Korean agency) will not necessarily submit EPs in chronological order (that is, in the order the referrals were signed and sent to Korea).  Some children may be moved ahead for various reasons, including age.  Since Ben is already three and a half, we are hoping that he might be one of those expedited cases!  Which means…it’s about to get exciting!  We might not make it in the next batch of EPs (then again, we might!!), but I will have high hopes for the batch after that.  In looking at all the timelines and guessing and estimating, our new best guess for travel is June.

June.  Only a couple more months til we get to meet Ben in person!


Because he is so anxious and negative about coming to America, our agency suggested that we make a DVD for him, showing him his room and things about our daily life.  So we did that and we’ll be mailing it tomorrow.  I hope and pray it will bring some measure of peace to his little heart!

Tonight I spoke with our case worker at Dillon.  She told us about some of the steps that Ben’s social worker in Korea is taking to help ease his anxiety.  In talking with him about our family, she noticed that he was less resistant, more positive, to information about Abby and Emma.  So she wants us to try to bring the girls to Korea!  I assured our case worker that we REALLY would like to do that, but that it’s entirely a financial decision.  We learned two other important facts: 1. They are planning to put Ben in some English speaking classes, and 2. He stated that he would like a gift from us – specifically, crayons.

(Musical theater reference for the 2 of you that will get it…Ben’s request for crayons reminds me of The Secret Garden…”When I’d give her the world she asks instead for some dirt…”)

And so the latest plan is to work harder at fundraising and grant-applying, letting these organizations know that Ben has some special emotional needs and the Korean agency recommends that we all travel together.  If we can raise about $8000, we can all go.  I’ve seen crazier things happen, haven’t you?

Please pray with us for favor with these grant organizations.  I sent 2 applications off yesterday and will mail the 3rd tomorrow.  Last night, I learned about another new grant ministry and I will apply with them before the week is out!  Our case worker also recommended that we check in with Show Hope again; they didn’t award us a grant last year, but maybe they will allow us to re-apply.

We’ll do everything we can to raise $8000 in the next 2 months.  Please pray for us. Ask your friends to pray for us.  Put us on your church prayer list.  Pray for favor with the grant organizations.  Pray for supernatural provisions.

But first things first.  Tomorrow, we buy crayons.

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4 Responses to Adoption Update

  1. Elyshia Warden says:

    Melanie, Wayne, Abby, and Emma,
    I can’t imagine what you are going thru as a family right now. Tears came to my eyes as I read this most recent post. This process has been so hard on you all…and I know for Ben. I will most certainly keep you in my prayers and request you be added to the prayer chain aty church. I know God can do amazing things!!!
    We will be In prayer that God will provide for travel as a family to help meet Ben’s needs.

    So sweet that he asked for just crayons…you can buy him the best crayons EVER and he will be so happy. I am glad that he opened up enough to ask for something specific from you guys.

    Love you, Elyshia.

  2. Jerusha says:

    Was so blessed by this post. Ben looks so much like Shu with his frowny face. Nothing is impossible for our God. Praying He will astound you with provision. 🙂

  3. Amy H. says:

    Your entry made me cry. How precious your is to ask for crayons…so sweet. Praying that you all can go to Korea. There has to be a way!
    amyh (from Dillon board)

  4. Rebecca says:

    I did get the reference. I’m singing it in my head right now! I will pray for the $8000. It seems so overwhelming! But I’m trying to think now of what we could do to help. Sorry I’m so late on seeing this post. I’m trying to get all caught up today! By the way, I loved the Spider Man boots, too.

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