And it was good

This has been a day of GOOD.

Just so many good things.  Shall I make a list for you?  Okay.

1. My friend Joy and her family came to town and had lunch with us today.  We have been blog friends since about 2006.  It was wonderful to finally meet them in person.  We took a few pictures, but I’ll have to post those later. I can’t be bothered with the camera right now.  So more on that in another post. 🙂

2. A friend offered us 2 Delta Buddy Passes for our flight to Korea.  Two of us (obviously one parent and one kid) could use those to fly for around $200.  Round trip.  Yeah, it’s stand-by and all, and we’d have to split up 2 and 2 for the trip, but it’s $200 instead of $4000.  I’m still overwhelmed with happiness over this offer.

3. Another friend – a new friend, whom I’ve actually never met but who has, as she said, “made it her mission” to help us – suggested that we look into having airline miles donated to us.  I think it might work!  As I understand it, we would sign up with a particular airline and then people who have points with that airline could donate them to us.  And then we could use those points towards our other 2 tickets.  Did I say we needed to raise $8000?  Maybe we just need a fraction of that, plus some airline points that people might not be planning to use anyway.  And just like that, the 4 of us traveling to Korea sounds do-able.  Very.

4.  The Korean adoption boards/forums/Facebook pages were all abuzz today – some folks in that first batch of EPs got their travel calls today.  They’ll be in Korea next week!  As if that weren’t enough, another batch of EPs was submitted today!  Our social worker said she thinks it’s possible that we will be submitted in the 3rd batch.  Chronologically, we wouldn’t be, but she thinks Ben may be moved up in line because of his age and emotional needs.  This idea was confirmed today, when some people were submitted out of order – people who are adopting toddlers. So, we could be in the next batch…submitted in another month or so! Now, that’s something to smile about!

5. I got new contacts.  I know, that seems small, but I’ve had the WORST CONTACTS EVER in my eyes for about 4 months.  I couldn’t wear them for more than about 3 hours – sometimes less – without them getting dry and blurry.  I put in the new pair (different brand) about 4:00 today and wore them til about 10.  Know how they felt? Awesome.

6. After admiring the haircut of a girl in choir tonight, I finally confessed to her that I wanted my hair to be cut like hers.  And guess what? She gave me the name of her stylist! And didn’t even act like I was a total dork for admitting I wanted to copy her!

7. I also found out that someone in choir is an ex-Con.  Like me!  He toured with the Continental Singers in the 70s; my tours were in the mid-90s.  It was a delightful conversation. My Con days were good, good times.

I’m so thankful for all the GOOD that God gave to me today.  It makes me want to break out into some Gaither songs or something.  Stay tuned – soon I’ll be on my way to Korea, with practically free tickets, wearing awesomely un-blurry contacts and sporting a fantastically cute haircut!

About waymel

Navy wife. Homeschooling mom. Adoptive parent. Pianist. Introvert. One who loves quiet and beauty.
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7 Responses to And it was good

  1. Jerusha says:

    Happiness! God is good. I’ll keep praying.

  2. citygrace says:

    Yay for Good Days!! I’m so glad you were encouraged!! Praying for that moola to come in!!

  3. Elyshia Warden says:

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!

  4. shirley wilmoth says:

    God is so Good. I know that he is working on your behalf. My prayers continue. Fasting, as I can do it, begins next week.

  5. redkeeney says:

    Yay for a slew of good things!!

    Mom, please be careful with fasting. You don’t each much as is…

  6. Rebecca says:

    Wow, how have I been missing all these posts? I guess I’m just going to have to keep checking, now that I don’t get updates when you write. This was great to read! And I liked the part about the haircut, too. I am always afraid to ask people about their hair because I don’t want them to think I’m a stalker or anything. Did you actually call the stylist yet?

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