Korea: Day One

We left Atlanta just after midnight on Sunday, June 24 and arrived in Korea at 4:00 on Monday morning.  We had to hang out in the airport for a few hours until the hotel shuttle came to pick us up.  It was about an hour’s ride to the hotel, which taught us a little something about Seoul traffic. (Crazy!)  Even then, it was too early to check in, so we looked around at the shops and restaurants there until we could get into our room.  The rest of the day was pretty low-key.

We went swimming in the hotel pool…

…and visited the Namdaemun Market.

Enjoying fruit on a stick

We walked around for a little bit, but we were terribly tired and caught a taxi back to the hotel before long.  I think we were all asleep by 7:30 p.m….but then awake again at 3 a.m.  (I was awake every night at 3 a.m., except for the very last night.)  Since we were all awake, we watched tv for a little while and then everyone fell back asleep for a bit.

Day Two: We meet Ben!

About waymel

Navy wife. Homeschooling mom. Adoptive parent. Pianist. Introvert. One who loves quiet and beauty.
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3 Responses to Korea: Day One

  1. Tells you (me) something when you (I) can’t even pronounce the market’s name!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Oh my goodness, I just keep thinking how tired you must have been! The city reminds me of NYC – huge and busy, right? Will wait anxiously for the next update! I really want to talk to you but I’m trying to give you some time.

  3. shirley wilmoth says:

    The city looks like nothing I have seen before but certainly what I would have imagined. That fruit on a stick looks very good. I’m wondering if you walked there from the hotel.

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