Korea: Day Three

I started this post yesterday during Ben’s nap.  Now the kids are all upstairs playing together, so I’ll see if I can finish…

Wednesday morning we went downstairs for breakfast.  One of the restaurants in the hotel had a breakfast buffet every morning, and kids could eat free! So that was a no-brainer every morning.  They were looking so cute, right before I took this picture!  Ben didn’t eat too much, but he did like the biscuits and gravy.  Actually, just the gravy. 🙂

We decided to head to Gyeongbokgung Palace after breakfast.  Ben cried when we tried to put him in the stroller in the room, so we didn’t bring it. (Mistake.)  The place wasn’t as interesting as we had thought it would be.  It might be been more interesting if we’d taken the English tour, but we didn’t, just walked around by ourselves.  Apparently, it’s the place where the last king of Korea lived.

The kids walked everywhere like this.

There was also a little fake traditional Korean village, with this train and restaurant, some houses and shops.  The sort of thing that you can look into, but that’s about it.

We thought the juxtaposition of old and new here was interesting.

Pretty garden area.

This was a throne of some sort, by an open courtyard.  Ben was tired of walking, and sort of sad and whiny, so Wayne and I took turns carrying him everywhere.

I don’t know what happened with the spacing here…I was trying to make these smaller and put them together because they’re all basically the same.  There were 3 areas to look at near this throne, and Emma insisted on pictures in front of each one.


This was the most interesting part, but you couldn’t go in.  Amazing, intricate work everywhere.

As we were leaving, we caught a changing of the guard ceremony.  That was interesting enough to even perk Ben up a little.

Can you tell which child was in a picture-posing mood that day?

Traditional ceremony with modern Seoul in the background.

We had a hard time finding the right taxi to get back to the base.  Only certain taxi companies are cleared to come past the gate and take people to the hotel.  We ended up just getting a taxi and had them take us to the front gate.  From there, the guards helped us get a taxi that could take us to the hotel, as we were a bit too far from it to walk at that point.

We had lunch at the hotel and then went swimming in the pool downstairs.  Ben, by that time, was clutching a picture of his foster mom and kissing it repeatedly as he cried, so he didn’t want to go in.  We thought he might change his mind after he saw the girls having fun, so we just brought his swimming shorts along with us.  Sure enough, after about 20 minutes, he indicated that he wanted to go in.  He had a good time splashing around.

When we got back to the room, he cried some more.  We decided right then to stay busy the next day, because sitting around seemed to make him sad.  The hotel dinner buffet was Asian that night, and boy, was he excited to see foods he knew and loved!   That boy chowed down!  He went to sleep soon after we got back to the room.

Day Four: A long day of shopping and walking

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3 Responses to Korea: Day Three

  1. Becca says:

    Sad Ben is breaking my heart. 😦

  2. Jerusha says:

    Looks a lot like Beijing’s Forbidden City. Beautiful…but everything started to look exactly the same after, say, six minutes. At least we didn’t have a grieving kiddo with us. (Not that you did either.) Seems like Ben was (is) doing so, so well!

  3. shirley wilmoth says:

    looks like Ben let Wayne comfort him though. Looks like the girls were happy to be in Korea and it looks like it was very hot there.

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