Korea: Day Six

To start the day off right, Wayne and Ben did some gaming.

That done, we met Wayne’s brother James and his girlfriend Caryl at a subway not too far from our hotel.  James said he knew of a carnival-type place not too far away, so we decided to do that.

Then we rode the subway for 2 hours to get there.


Obviously, James has a strange way of defining “not too far away.”  Also, he’s not used to traveling with children.

Finally, we arrived at our destination: Wolmido, in Incheon.  It’s an amusement park and boardwalk area on the coast of the Sea of China (apparently, also called the West Sea).  We didn’t have time (or won) to do a whole lot, but the kids rode a few rides.  This is also where some of my favorite pictures from the trip were taken.

Like this one.

First we went to a dog cafe.  There were way more dogs than people. (Ew!)  Some people were in heaven and some couldn’t wait to leave.  I’ll let you guess which people fit in which category. 🙂

PLEASE do not miss the fact that James put shoes on his dog.


For some reason, we got camera happy in the dog cafe. And just outside of it.

First ride: drive boats around a small pool.  Ben wasn’t afraid at all.  He loved it!

Next, the girls went on a bigger ride.  They liked it for a little while, and then Abby started crying and my stomach started churning.  I begged James to ask the man to stop the ride and he (finally) did.  Emma claimed to love it.

After that, the girls had to use the bathroom and then it got exciting.  Because the only bathroom in the area – at all, at all – was a squatty potty.  If you follow the link, you can read about that…just know that the one at the carnival was more like the last picture on the Wiki page, and much – ohhh so much – dirtier.  We had no idea how to use it with clothes on, so I helped the girls take off their shorts to use it.  Luckily, Caryl had tissue and hand sanitizer.  I had not come  prepared for such an event.

Even luckier, I didn’t have to go!

Next up, the bumper cars.  Ben rode with Abby and Emma rode alone.  Almost immediately, Emma hit a wall, and I mean HARD.  I hate those bumper cars, always have.  It HURTS when you hit a wall or another car.  I don’t find that fun.  So I completely understood when she started crying and wanted to get off the ride.  But the employee just got on the side of her car and drove her around for the rest of the time, being careful to avoid hitting anyone or anything.  It was very sweet of him (and I imagine it wasn’t the first time he’d had to do that).  But Emma continued to cry for the duration.  Abby fared better, but after a bump or two, she also steered clear of other cars.


It was definitely time for something tame and happy.  The last tickets went for the train ride.

At that point, it was getting late and starting to rain.  Children were beginning to cry.  We were all tired. We got the kids some chicken on a stick from a street vendor and decided to get going.  James helped us get a taxi to the train station.  When the taxi dropped us off, we realized we were standing in front of Chinatown.

Too late and rainy to go exploring there.

This time we took a train directly to Yongsan Station (which was HUGE, it felt like an airport) and then we took a taxi to the gate.  It only took an hour to get home.

Ben fell asleep in Abby’s lap on the way home and stayed asleep until morning.  The rest of us ate snacks in our room in lieu of dinner and went to bed.

Day Seven: More fun with Uncle James.

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4 Responses to Korea: Day Six

  1. shirley wilmoth says:

    Melanie I have enjoyed this so very much! Love ALL the smiling faces. I hate bumper cars too. Thanks for taking all the time it must take to do this.

  2. Jen says:

    Out of all that, I must focus on the squatty potty… Had you ever seen such a thing before? (I have not.) I’m guessing yours didn’t have slippers but I’m wondering what they might be for. And I’m surprised the girls didn’t change their minds after having seen it. Pretty crazy.
    Oh, and shoes on a dog?? Haha

  3. Robyn says:

    Uncle James has to turn in his Man Card for putting a pink outfit and shoes on his dog! I hate bumper cars for the same reason. Love all the pictures.

  4. I have always preferred bumper cars over coasters…Maybe that makes me unique.

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