Korea: The trip home

The trip was home was pretty uneventful, except that we almost missed the bus from the hotel to the airport!  The girls and I made it down to the bus and I told the driver that my husband and son were coming…he looked at his watch doubtfully.  I repeated, “They’re coming!” and sure enough, there they were.  That man put it in gear and pulled from the curb before Wayne and Ben were seated!

The girls were excited to be heading home!

We sat three and two, and switched up which kids were with which parent every few hours.  We found it was really helpful to keep the girls apart – no fighting for the whole flight!  The kids watched movies and slept.  Long flight, but easy-peasy.

People love to say how wonderful Korean Air is, and maybe it is.  I’ve never flown to Korea on any other airline.  But I do have some stories. Once I asked the flight attendant to ask Ben in Korean which meal he wanted.  She said she couldn’t understand him and then said to the other flight attendant, “Can you talk to the Korean kid? I don’t know what he’s saying.”  Could have sounded ruder in English than she meant, but she wasn’t at all helpful and seemed annoyed that I even asked.

Later, Ben threw up (I think from eating too much).  Luckily, I could tell it was coming and had a cup handy.  He vomited neatly into the cup like a pro.  As that was happening, the flight attendants came by to offer us green tea.

Me: No, he’s throwing up. (As I’m holding a cup full of vomit.)

Flight attendant, brightly, a second time: Would you like some green tea?

Ok, so maybe she didn’t hear me the first time.  I was sort of hoping for some help with disposal, maybe a warm cloth?  No help at all.

Later, a different flight attendant offered me three choices for dinner: chicken, seafood, or a spicy Korean dish.

Me: Chicken, please.

Her, without any hesitation: We are out of the chicken. Would you like seafood or a spicy Korean dish?

Why on earth did she offer me something they didn’t have?  So odd.

We finally made it to Chicago, and because we are military, were taken to the front of the immigration line.  HUGE score; that line would have taken hours.

We went to the USO for snacks and little bitty naps before boarding our last flight to Atlanta.  About the time we were ready to depart, they said the A/C wasn’t working and there would be an hour delay.  Luckily, they let us de-board for the hour.  We were stupid tired at that point.

Back in Atlanta, my sister picked us up and took us out for our first meal back in the States.

He liked it. Duh.

My sister posted more about the first day back on her blog.  I was so ridiculously tired after more than 24 hours of travel and only an hour or so of sleep, I barely remember it.  We spent the night at my sister’s house and drove home in the morning.

Time to begin life as a family of five!

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Navy wife. Homeschooling mom. Adoptive parent. Pianist. Introvert. One who loves quiet and beauty.
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4 Responses to Korea: The trip home

  1. shirley wilmoth says:

    I have enjoyed the whole trip through your blog and appreciate your writing it all. Now that you’ve been home a month, does the flight t Korea seem like it was long ago?

  2. JiHye Park says:

    Hello, I’m JiHye Park. So sorry for this unexpected memo from me in advance.
    I’m a dauther in law of Korean mother of June Seok (Ben). She has been really missing June Seok and I was asked to send some email to you from her. However, actually I don’t know well how to send you some email but I found out this tool, ‘Leave a Reply’ in your home page and that is why I left some message in here. I really hope that this message can be reached to you.

    June Seok’s Korean mother wants to appreciate for you because you have been updating some stories and picture of baby in this web pages. It is really helpful to my mother in law. She is so missing June Seok and she has been accessing to this site daily.

    In advance, I really say to you to thank you for your warm care to June Seok. I think it is great luck for June Seok to meet your family.

    I heard from my mother in law that June Seok’s 4th birthday will be coming and it is September 2nd 2012. And she wants to send for June Seok some present. If allowed, she wants to remit some moneny to you. Could you please let me know some bank information of you for remittence?

    Also, if possible, can you send me some pictures of June Seok to my email? Also, if you have any queries for June Seok, please send me email. I will pass the email to my mother in law.
    My contact informaiton is…..
    Email: joyfulruth@naver.com
    Phone: +82 10 4168 5258

    Hope to see your reply soon

  3. Rebecca says:

    Does he have an adoption t-shirt on, too? That’s so sweet!

  4. Rebecca says:

    Oh, now I see that you all do! Guess I’m really observant.

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