We recently had all three kids baptized.

When Abby and Emma were born, we were a part of a tradition that practiced infant dedication and believers’ baptism.  That was also the way Wayne and I both grew up, so it was an easy decision to have the girls dedicated as infants.

For the past two years, we’ve attended a Presbyterian church and seen many babies baptized.  I did some reading about it, talked to others at church, and got a better understanding of what it means in the Presbyterian tradition.  Once Ben came home, I wanted to have him baptized, but since the girls had not been baptized, it seemed odd to baptize him and not them.  So, after doing some more reading about it, we made the decision to have them all baptized at the same time.

Our church recently began posting videos of services online, so I didn’t think we needed anyone to record the baptism…I thought we’d just get it from the church website.  Guess what?  They record the late service.  Our children were baptized in the early service.  It’s like the story of our wedding video all over again!  So, sadly, no video of this important occasion exists.  (I’m not at all bitter about the fact that the church specifically asked us to be baptized in this service without mentioning the whole “we won’t be recording it” bit.)

Even more sadly, no good pictures exist.

We took this picture of them before the service.

Then, after service started, I panicked and realized that we had not asked anyone to take pictures during the baptism.  I looked around and found someone in the row behind us, right behind Wayne, who I know slightly, and got Wayne to ask him to take pictures.  Poor guy.  He was willing, but we just handed him the camera and walked up front.  He didn’t know how to work the zoom.  So, these are the only pictures we have to remember our children’s baptism.

Look how thrilled Emma looks.

On the positive side, I am thrilled that Pastor George was the one who baptized our children.  He is a wonderful pastor and I have so enjoyed the privilege of sitting under his teaching for the past two years.

Abriana Gabrielle, child of the covenant…

Emma Kate, child of the covenant…

Benjamin JoonSeok, child of the covenant…(This is my favorite. Look at the girls’ faces.)

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3 Responses to Baptism

  1. Awww…I’m thrilled for you guys! I’m terribly sorry about the photo/video issues — but I love the photos and memories that you *do* have! They all look beautiful. LOVE.

  2. shirley wilmoth says:

    they are very nice pictures. I agree with you. The best part and the part that brings a lump to my throat is that they truly are “children of theCovenant”.

  3. Rebecca says:

    I love that last picture, too! They are such good big sisters.

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