Move to Florida

Long time since I posted, but in the past month we moved out of our house in Georgia, drove to Florida, stayed a few nights, drove to Ohio (just shy of 1,000 miles from here to there!), shivered for nine days in that cold, cold land, drove back down here, lived in a temporary house for a few days (sans internet, God help us all) and then, finally, last Wednesday, moved into our house.

Want to know more?  Okay.

We started out by watching the folks from the moving company come and pack up our entire house in six hours.

(Six.  Hours. Sure, Wayne and I could have done the same thing…or, neverinamillionyears.)

We spent the next day frantically cleaning.  So thankful for the goodness of a friend who has a cleaning company and came over to help.  (Especially since I had to let the packers take the vacuum cleaner.  One van that’s moving 4 people, 2 dogs, 1 hermit crab and all their luggage can only hold so much more stuff.)

We drove to Pensacola to make some housing decisions.  We chose to live in military housing, but they didn’t have any three-bedrooms ready.  They put us in a two-bedroom temporary house, which was better than a hotel in terms of space, but we were basically camping out on air mattresses and still eating out because we had no kitchen supplies. They said the houses that were being re-done would be ready in about two weeks, so we decided to visit my mom in Ohio.

1,000 miles is a long trip, y’all.  Long.

I made the girls do school while we were there.  They’d already had about two weeks off, from getting ready to move, getting packed up and driving all over the place.

Mom had a birthday party for Abby, whose birthday had been a few weeks before.  We were able to see a bunch of family, plus have a family sing!

Abby and Grandma iced the cake.

We decorated cookies, ate pizza, played a “Who Knows Abby Best” game, sang, and played instruments.  Good times.

Oh.  And the boy cousins showed off their muscles.  Don’t mess with them! 🙂


Later in the week, we visited a Christmas display.


Ben seemed to really enjoy hanging out with his Grandma.  Of course. 🙂

Once we were frozen nearly to death (I kid, I kid…no, but really.  Our blood is like water. We can’t take Ohio in November!), we made the long trek back down to the Florida sunshine.

The housing manager confessed that the houses still weren’t ready and he really didn’t know when they would be ready.  Contractor issues, blahblahblah, we were tired of camping out and needed to get into a house.  And get our stuff.  And internet, in the interest of sanity.

And so we decided to move into a house that had not been re-done.  It’s ugly, but it’s ours. 🙂  Actually, we are happy to be here, unpacking many, many boxes of things that we’d missed for our three weeks of homelessness.  We’re now at that annoying stage of unpacking: the every day stuff is put away, we’re cooking and doing school again, but the stuff we don’t need daily is still in boxes, mocking my laziness and indecision.

Just before we moved, we did a family photo shoot.  I hope to share some of those pictures soon!

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2 Responses to Move to Florida

  1. shirley wilmoth says:

    once again Melanie I have enjoyed your wonderful post and pictures detailing your move and our visit here. Thanks for taking the time to do that for all of us. I will enjoy it many times.

  2. Rebecca says:

    It was a fun visit! Thanks for making that looooong drive.

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