Fit by Forty

Introducing: Future Me.


Don’t I look awesome with my head Photoshopped on Evangeline Lilly’s (Kate from LOST) body?

That’s my inspiration photo.  It’s time for a change.

Weight is a highly personal and often touchy subject.  Some people reading this might think I look perfect already and wonder why I would want to change a thing.

(I love you.)

(I also don’t believe you.)

Some people might think it’s about time I buckled down, quit being so indulgent, and got my butt into shape after so many years of letting myself go.

The point is, we all have different ideas of what looks good and we all have different weight histories.  Since I’m not willing to reveal my actual weight, I’ve devised a formula to help explain it.

Let’s call my high school weight x.  At x, I was your typical skinny kid.  I ate complete garbage most of the time; nary a vegetable passed my lips.  Yet I stayed teensy.  My dad always said my eating would catch up with me someday, but I never believed him.

I went off to college and graduated at x +5.  Not bad, at least I’d bypassed the infamous Freshman Fifteen.  Friends told me that I’d reached my “adult weight” and, knowing that I was still thinner than most people, I shrugged and went on with life.

Post-college and truly on my own for the first time, I carried on with my horrible eating habits.  If it wasn’t frozen, didn’t come from a box, or arrive in my car via a drive-thru window, I didn’t eat it.  I don’t remember my weight changing significantly again until I got my first full-time job and moved to North Carolina.  I started eating out more, which meant bigger portions.  I also started dating Wayne, who introduced me to loaded cheese fries, which we would devour regularly with milkshakes.

By the time we got married, I was x + 15.

Honestly, I’ve been trying to lose weight ever since.  The scale has dipped down every now and then, but overall it has continued an upward trend.  For most of our marriage, I have been between x + 20 and x + 25.

I started eating healthier (hello, veggies!) in my 30s…a change initially inspired by my first pregnancy.  My palate has grown to include foods other than chicken tenders, macaroni and cheese, pizza and fries.  (In fact, I never eat those first two.  Yuck.)  I’ve learned to cook.  I work out.

And I am currently x + 30.

I hate writing that.  Hate. It.

But there it is, all mathematical and truthful.

So, I’m exposing my weakness right here on the internet for the world to see, admitting that I have more than “a few vanity pounds” to lose, and committing to change.

My plan?

Atkins. I’ve been low-carb for a year (and off and on the year before that), and I firmly believe it’s the healthiest way to eat, but I need more structure.  Rules are helpful for me, so I’m going with a definitive plan.  No cheating.

I’ve also signed up for a fitness “bootcamp” that the gym on base is offering; it starts on the 15th.  I used half my Christmas money to buy new gym clothes.  Even though I’ve belonged to a gym for most of the past 12 years, there are plenty of machines that I ignore.  I’m hoping that working with trainers will kick my butt.  And make it smaller.

My goal?

x + 15.  As an almost-forty year old woman, I would look ridiculous at my high school weight.  Once I hit x + 15, I might consider x + 10.

And once it’s warm enough to hit the beach, I hope to look a good bit like the photo above.

Only less creepy and with hair that doesn’t look like a helmet.

Do you have health-related goals for 2013?

About waymel

Navy wife. Homeschooling mom. Adoptive parent. Pianist. Introvert. One who loves quiet and beauty.
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6 Responses to Fit by Forty

  1. shirley wilmoth says:

    so you will be using an Atkins-based recipe book as reference for your cooking/dining? You didnt say what you will be eating. Veggies and Salads? I don’t think your hair looks like a helmet…..and I do think boot camp will be fun….hard work but still fun. I hope you will blog through it and let us know how it is going.

  2. waymel says:

    It starts here, Mom. It’s high fat, adequate protein, and low carb. Lots of veggies, yes.

  3. Mary says:

    Boy do I relate to every single word you wrote here. Funny how the times change. Good luck with your eating plan. I am sure you will be successful in your goals. And here’s to being fit and 40 🙂

  4. redkeeney says:

    You know how I love challenging workouts so I’m excited for you! Oh, and spending extra money on workout clothes is totally, totally normal. 🙂

  5. I personally lost my respect for the Atkins stuff when the guy himself died… I think largely due to his diet & related things.

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