Loser Not Losing

It’s been one month since I introduced Future Me. I thought I’d update you on what’s happened.


I haven’t lost a thing.  The scale has gone as low as 3 pounds down, but it’s varied between my starting weight and -3 in a way that makes me unwilling to count the lower numbers as actual weight loss.

And today the numbers that stared up at me were the very same ones I saw on January 1st.

I have followed the diet, I have exercised regularly, I have not cheated.

A week ago I started googling to find out why I’m not losing and I found some things saying if your liver is toxic, you won’t lose weight.  The articles listed caffeine and artificial sweeteners as major contributors to liver toxicity.

Desperate for results, I decided to give up my Diet Coke (MY PRECIOUS!) and see what happened.  I’ve had a 2-a-day habit for years, which was slowly evolving into a 3-a-day habit.  So, if caffeine and aspartame mess up your liver, and a messed up liver keeps you from losing weight, I should help my liver out a bit, right?

I’m not sold on this detoxing stuff, really.  Just willing to try it.

So I quit the Diet Coke cold turkey and I bought some supplement thing.  I’ve also been squeezing the juice from half a lemon into my water once or twice a day, which supposedly is good for the liver.  I think the supplements are helping me cope with the no Diet Coke, but clearly I’m not getting weight loss results.  (Yet.  It’s a 2-week plan, so maybe it needs more time.)

I just don’t understand why I’m not losing.  Of course, I’ve seen plenty of stories online about people who have dropped weight – “It just melted off!” – on Atkins, but I also know people in real life who have gone low-carb and had great results.

One friend ditched grains and lost 12 pounds in a short amount of time.

Another friend said she dropped a pants size by “staying away from Oreos and other junk.”

What?! I have been generally low-carb for a year, and strictly so for a month.  I weigh as much today as I ever have.  Why does it work for them and not me?

I’m not really willing to blame the diet and try the next book on the shelves.  I believe that carbs drive insulin which drives fat accumulation.  I believe that fat is the body’s preferred fuel.  I believe in a ketogenic diet.

I am sure if I go to the doctor and ask for tests to find out why I can’t lose weight, they will tell me I’m in a healthy range for my height and I should quit wasting their time.  Or worse – tell me to eat low-fat and hearthealthywholegrains.

So I’m just not sure what to do.  Part of me wants to drown my sorrows in a big vat of peanut butter cup ice cream and wash it down with a huge Diet Coke.

Part of me wants to go on some starvation diet and eat as little as possible because Dangit I Will Win.

Neither seems sustainable.

So, that’s where I am after one month of working hard to lose my extra weight.  Frustrated and feeling like a loser.

A loser not losing.


About waymel

Navy wife. Homeschooling mom. Adoptive parent. Pianist. Introvert. One who loves quiet and beauty.
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13 Responses to Loser Not Losing

  1. Jen says:

    Okay, so you didn’t ask for advice. But I’m offering a suggestion based on personal experience (which is only anecdotal of course).
    Did you try counting calories? I know it doesn’t work for everyone. But it’s one more thing you could do in addition to everything else? Sorry if I’m way out of line. I just know what it’s like to be at a “healthy” weight and still be unhappy.
    Regardless of any of this, though, I think you are a beautiful person at any weight.

    • waymel says:

      Sort of. I track my food at fatsecret but of course I was looking to make certain percentages of fat, carbs and protein. It does give me calories though. I guess cutting calories is what I meant by starvation diet. I could eat less. I’m just mad that other people can lose without that. 😦 How low are you thinking?

  2. shirley wilmoth says:

    I am sorry you are frustrated. I know you refer to yourself as a “loser” as far as trying to lose weight but I don’t like to think of your “feeling like” a loser. People who eat chips and ice cream and brownies will drop off weight like crazy when they give that up. You have dropped off junk food and carbs and have eaten healthily for a year so the weight is not going to drop off of you like that. I don’t have an answer but I want to agree with Jen that you are beautiful at any weight. Enjoy the exercises and try not to get discouraged. Love you.

  3. Jen says:

    I don’t know exactly how fatsecret works, but probably the same as myfitnesspal, which is what I use. It depends on how active you are, how close you are to your goal, and how much you want to lose per week. So you could probably lose on 1500-1600 calories a day? Which is plenty if you eat healthy and you can still have the occasional bowl of ice cream… Plus when you exercise, you get to eat all those calories back! So treadmill = dessert. Or more broccoli or whatever. 😉

    • waymel says:

      Nope. 1500 is about where I am. Loser not losing. That’s me. Are you losing at 1500?

      • Jen says:

        I’m actually at 1200 because I only want to lose 7… And I’m pretty casual about it. I usually only record breakfast. Oops.
        With the 1500, when you exercise, do you eat what you burned so you still balance out at 1500?

      • waymel says:

        Eat what I burned? Not sure I understand. I track food and my calories are usually around 1500. Sometimes less. That’s not accounting for any calories burned, which is pretty much impossible to track. So are you losing at 1200?

  4. pokey44484@aol.com says:

    I don’t have specific suggestions, Melanie, but I want to encourage you. Maybe it is just too soon to see remarkable results. Perhaps there is a time frame to be expected that reflects only maintenance. Keep on, keepin’ on!

  5. I’ve hit a plateau too. Have you tried intermittent fasting? Mark from Mark’s Daily Apple blog has several good articles. Are you carbs between 50-100 grams? That’s supposed to be the weight loss sweet spot.



    • waymel says:

      I haven’t tried it, but I have read about it. Jimmy Moore has had great results with IF, too, resulting from a very high fat diet. He says it’s easy to eat less because he is completely satisfied once he eats such a high fat diet. I have thought of playing with that…high fat content leading to fewer meals. Just sort of hard to do when I’m cooking for everyone else 3 times a day. My net carbs (carbs minus fiber) are closer to 20-25. So are you still trying to lose? I thought you had lost all you wanted to.

  6. Jen says:

    I’m not losing. I eat way more than what I would eat to lose weight. At first I was around 1500 and I lost… Then 1400, 1300, still losing. But now it’s only 1200 because I am so close to my goal. I’d still lose if I ate 1200. But I probably eat more like 1900 so I’m maintaining, which I’m fine with.
    Eating calories: if your goal is 1500 cal… Say you eat 400 for breakfast and 400 for lunch and 200 for a snack. You’re at 1000. You have 500 left. You run a couple miles and burn 200 calories. So now you have 700 left for the day. Any exercise you do gets subtracted from the food you eat.
    If you’re eating 1400 cal a day and burning 300, you probably won’t lose weight because your body will go into starvation mode. Anything below 1200 is bad.
    I hope that makes sense.

  7. Mary says:

    Preach it!!! I have no advice whatsoever. I just wanted to tell you I sympathize and I’m in the same boat. Much love to you, Mel, you are beautiful inside and out at any weight, but girl, I know your frustration!!!

  8. redkeeney says:

    I know it’s frustrating! You already know how I eat/exercise so I don’t know that I can be much help. You could eat a competition diet but you’d have to cook twice for every meal, and eat really boring. Boooooo. But you could compete with me next time… yay!

    Are you still liking boot camp? Is it challenging?

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