Day Trip to Mobile

I’ve been feeling burned out lately, so I decided a field trip was just the thing for our February doldrums. (Especially since Wayne had a 12-hour watch that day.) We headed to Mobile (about an hour’s drive) to spend the day at the Gulf Coast Exploreum.

010 (2)

First, we stopped to make some sentences on the huge velcro word board.  This was Abby’s masterpiece:

001 (2)

This area – with boat, balls for water, fish and a market – was a favorite.  It’s supposed to be for kids 5 and under, but it wasn’t crowded, so I let the girls play, too.

002 (2)

Ben went fishing and sold his catch to Abby at the market.  I’m sure they were learning a lot about economics.  Or something.

004 (2) 003 (2)

The girls enjoyed this harp that used sensors instead of strings.


011 (2)

Ben used his muscles to do the gravity rope ball thingie.


Those muscles came in handy again when he checked out the fulcrum display – playing tug of war alone is hard work.



Emma had fun learning about pulleys as she repeatedly hoisted herself up in the air.

005 (2)

006 (2)

Mr. Bones showed her how her body has to work when she pedals a bike. (She thought he was kinda weird.)

008 (2)

We took a lunch break at this diner – we all had sandwiches and you wouldn’t believe what it cost us. ($45! Downtown Mobile or Downtown Disney?)  Ben wanted his picture taken in front of their funny window display.

009 (2)

We ended the day at the inventor’s exhibit.  It was too creative for me, but the kids found a few things to do.  The girls made wallets out of colorful duct tape.  Emma worked for quite awhile on this peg board. (She was just getting started; someone else did the design behind her.  She didn’t end up making anything she liked.)


A fun day, all in all, and a nice break from our usual routine.

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Navy wife. Homeschooling mom. Adoptive parent. Pianist. Introvert. One who loves quiet and beauty.
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6 Responses to Day Trip to Mobile

  1. shirley wilmoth says:

    It does look like they had a lot of fun and learned some things too. Looks like a great place.

  2. Mary says:

    Love it! What a great day!

  3. Who says those places are only fun for kids?! J & I took Thomas to the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, & I’m STILL wanting/waiting to go back!

  4. redkeeney says:

    Emma looks so tall! In the pulley pictures she looks very “leggy”

  5. Rebecca says:

    Looks so fun! I’m glad you all got a break.

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