What happened to March?

So, March is over.  How did that happen?

The Navy base had a Winter Wonderland event.  It turned out to be pretty cold that day – for us, anyway.  So we bundled up and headed over to check it out.

027 028 029 030

It takes a real man to wear a purple Tweety Bird hat.031

They had some carnival-type games, like this “ice fishing” game.  The kids got prizes (mostly candy) after playing each game.


The big excitement was the promise of snow sledding, since that never happens naturally in Florida!  The line was long, so they only went once.

You can watch the boys here and the girls here.  The sum total of our winter weather for the year.  A couple hours: the perfect amount of winter! 🙂

We also spent a lot of time watching basketball games and practices.  Both girls played for the Navy and had a great experience.  Look out, phone pictures ahead…



Emma’s team won most of their games; sadly, Abby’s team only won their first game.  I personally liked it way more than soccer – mostly because we got to be inside and we didn’t have to drag our own chairs to every event! Ha!

If you’d like to see the girls in action (which surely means either you are closely related to me or really, really bored) you can check out Abby scoring here (about 1.20, if you want to skip ahead).  Oops, no video of Em; we forgot to bring the camera to Emma’s last game to take similar video. (Bad parents.)

They both enjoyed playing and want to play basketball again next time it’s offered.  And they both wanted to play soccer this spring, but I needed a break from the practice schedule.  They start swim lessons next week, but that’s only twice a week for a month or so.

This sort of thing has been happening lately.

002 003

It’s bound to happen when you have older sisters with dress-up clothes.  He had fun playing with the clothes while we did school.  It wasn’t distracting at all when he came out dressed like this. 😉

Last week we took a trip up to Georgia to visit friends and to participate in a Suzuki Strings workshop.  Ben saw the girls and I packing and thought he’d do his part.  Can you see what he did?


If you guessed, “He took most of his socks and underwear out of the drawers and spread them out all over the floor,” — you’re right! That’s how Ben packs for a 5-day trip.

We spent one night with Aunt Robyn and then visited the Atlanta Zoo.  To be honest, I thought it was bigger and nicer than it actually is.  But a zoo day is always fun and we had a good time.

It was tricky to balance Ben on a railing high enough that he could see while also taking a picture.


This gorilla was most entertaining.  He came and sat down right in front of the glass and stared at us as we stared at him.  They are fascinating.

010 012

The tigers were sleepy.


So was the panda, who’s the “big deal” of this particular zoo.

016 017

Having enjoyed a petting zoo before, Ben really wanted to “give animals some treats.”  But alas, no treats for animals at the Atlanta zoo.  He did get to brush a goat, though.


I didn’t actually take many pictures in Augusta.  (Bad blogger.)  We enjoyed the Suzuki workshop, park play dates with friends (despite cold temps), a visit to our old neighborhood and especially morning worship at First Pres.

I’m looking forward to April for many reasons.  For one thing, it should be warm enough to start hitting the beach.  Finally!  Also, we are close to finalizing Ben’s adoption and expect that to be completed in the next few weeks.  It will be nice to have that done and finally have the official paperwork that makes him our son forever.  I’m also scheduled to accompany a couple from New York who are doing a concert of Broadway songs — looking forward to really playing again!

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5 Responses to What happened to March?

  1. redkeeney says:

    I enjoyed all the pictures, but the one of Ballerina Ben is my favorite. Must save that to show his first girlfriend.

  2. shirley wilmoth says:

    love love love this and all the pics!!

  3. shirley wilmoth says:

    another visit here to watch Abby on the court again…………great job!!!

  4. Rebecca says:

    The tweety bird hat is awesome. He totally pulled it off. Jesse’s hair looks just like Ben’s from the back. It grows exactly the same way and is pretty much the same color! The gorillas are always my favorite at the zoo, too. I like to stay and watch them until the kids pull me away.

  5. Mary says:

    Looks like a fun, busy month!

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