Ben is playing his first team sport this fall – soccer.

He loves it.  I think it makes him feel important to be on a team, to have a practice and game schedule.  And he’s doing great!

I mean, as great as a five year old can do.  Seriously, if you’ve never seen four and five year olds play a team sport, you are really missing out.  That’s some funny stuff.

But also? Very, very cute.

First game

Corner kick

Abby got a good picture of Ben throwing the ball in, but she hasn’t sent it to me yet.  I”ll try to remember to add it here when she does.  But I can’t promise. 🙂

Wayne did get a typically hilarious moment – Ben did the kick off – isn’t that what it’s called? I’m really not sure – and then started going the wrong way.  The kids regularly kick the ball the wrong way and even score goals for the opposite team.  Yes, goals, plural.  It happens repeatedly during each game – but ya know, it probably evens out in the end. 🙂

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3 Responses to Soccer

  1. tjchurch2001 says:

    I got to see some (I think all) of Thomas’ baseball games (or maybe it was called “Tee-ball”; They used a tee) this Summer. It was funny. May’ve been more so if, like Ben, they’d had names on the uniforms; I had to spend time each game figuring-out which one was my nephew.

  2. shirley wilmoth says:

    super super cute!!!

  3. Rebecca says:

    That is so sweet! And yes, my kids have scored goals for opposing teams, too. They’re always so happy because they scored! It’s so hard to let them down.

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