A November Saturday

Today was Ben’s last soccer game.  He had such a fun time playing.  After the game, they had a little party at the park and he got his trophy.

Did ya notice the shiner on his forehead?  Yeah.  That happened a couple of nights ago – he fell at the playground.  The crazy thing is, he wasn’t even upset about that.  He also got a (very small) splinter at the same time, and he told me his finger hurt.  I went to look at the finger and saw this:

Can you say “goose egg”???

We put ice on it for a few days, but it doesn’t bother him at all.  I keep asking him if it hurts and he always says no.  We keep telling him to slow down, quit running, quit climbing things – just til it heals a bit!  That child is always getting hurt.  Boys!!

We’ve had gorgeous weather – in the 70s, sunny, a cool breeze…it has been perfection!  I’ve been wanting to take a hike together, get everyone away from screens and out in the beauty together.  So today we found a trail to try and took a nice long hike.  It looked kinda like this…

Water break

How did she get that tall!?

You gotta love a hike that takes you to this view!

We hiked for two hours – a little long for the youngest, but he was a trooper!  While hiking, we were talking about camping (specifically, the fact that we never seem to go camping in beautiful weather like this…only when it is super windy and/or rainy).  Emma mentioned that a friend was going camping this weekend and that she had bought a huge candy bar for s’mores.


That was all it took for us to start making s’mores plans.  We came home and (after a quick trip to the commissary) had a late lunch/early dinner and dove in.

We couldn’t remember making s’mores since we’ve had Ben, so we were asking him if he’s ever had marshmallows and if he likes them.  He said he didn’t.  Then Wayne gave him a bite of a fully made s’more and he said, “MMMMM!!! I DO like it!”

(You might be wondering about our odd-looking grill.  Allow me to explain.  Wayne loaned it out for a Navy fundraiser, and it came back broken.  Like, no longer working at all.  Wayne took it apart, bought new pieces for it, and got it working again.  But I don’t think he reassembled it completely yet.  I assume it won’t look like that forever.)


About waymel

Navy wife. Homeschooling mom. Adoptive parent. Pianist. Introvert. One who loves quiet and beauty.
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2 Responses to A November Saturday

  1. shirley wilmoth says:

    looks like fun family times! How and when did Abby get that tall? My goodness.

  2. redkeeney says:

    Love Em’s smile in the water break photo. Now I want to hug everyone, and go for a hike to the beach, and eat smores.

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