So here’s what’s been going on.

Wayne and I went to his work Christmas party.  We got all gussied up.

Ben loved on Maggie even more.  Big change from the kid who didn’t even like dogs when we met him!

Daddy set this one up.

He loves her. LOVES.

We baked some Christmas cookies with friends.

Emma lost a tooth.

We went to pajama Christmas story time at the library, which was much bigger and nicer than I expected. (The event, I mean.  I’m pretty familiar with the size of the library. :-))

The girls played in a Christmas recital.

Emma lost another tooth!

Wayne and I celebrated 12 years of marriage and received this card from Emma:

And then there was Christmas.  Thanks to Wayne’s decision to sell his bike, we had our most indulgent Christmas ever.  It probably won’t happen again for years, so we just enjoyed it.  (Don’t worry, Wayne plans to buy another bike in the spring.  He’s researching Harleys.)

Christmas Sunday

Christmas morning

Emma wonders why she was given a toaster…which mysteriously looks exactly like the one we got the week before…

…but is relieved to find that the toaster box holds a new sweater and scarf!

Emma’s big gift was a tablet.

Abby got a laptop.  I wanted to get Kindles for the girls, thinking they could read and play games on them.  But Abby really likes to write stories, so she asked for a laptop for the typing capability.

She was a little excited.

I’m hoping the story-writing will begin soon.  So far she’s mostly looked like this:

LPS videos. So very many LPS videos.

I think THIS was Ben’s favorite gift.  (He wore it all day, as you’ll see below.)

Even though THIS was supposed to be his biggest gift.

He also really likes this stocking gift.

Wayne and I, practical folks that we are, bought ourselves gifts and so opened nothing on Christmas.  Which was fine.  Wayne got a special weighted softball bat, which clearly is going to help him amaze everyone at the military world’s softball tournament this spring. 😉  I got some new minimalist running shoes and some yoga stuff, plus a case for my Kindle and some books and cds.  And actually, I spent less on me than on everyone else, so I have plans to shop a little more.  (Hey, I only spend money on myself at Christmas and my birthday.  My wish list piles up.)

All in all, a most excellent and busy month.  Now we’re I’m ready to clean everything, put Christmas away, and write out big goals and plans for next year!

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Navy wife. Homeschooling mom. Adoptive parent. Pianist. Introvert. One who loves quiet and beauty.
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3 Responses to December

  1. redkeeney says:

    great update! I love Ben in a bow tie, and Em’s sweater and scarf combo. I want one in my size! And Abby’s laptop joy is priceless.

  2. shirley wilmoth says:

    so much here that I hardly know what to comment about but I’m glad for the update and have enjoyed each picture and commentary. I’ll come back and enjoy it all again.

  3. 1] Spent most of month online. (With birthday, XMas, & a basic week of nothing but doctors, not much time to get on anyway.)

    2] Laptop reminds me of one Dad passed on to me a few years back; Long gone now, but I wish I still had some of the things I wrote on it.

    3] LOVE how much Ben loves that present! Thomas has one he liked a lot, too. Only two questions:
    3A] How does he breathe under there?!
    3B] How can you be sure it’s always him?!

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