Resolution Ramblings

So, last year I blogged about how I was gonna lose my much-hated extra weight and look like Evangeline Lilly, a post complete with a very professional-looking (wink, wink) Photoshopped pic.

Yeah.  That didn’t happen.

It wasn’t for a lack of trying, though. Promise.

I started reading the low-carb lit about 3 years ago.  It makes a lot of sense, and its promoters are very convincing, but here’s the thing: for me, it didn’t work.

I would lose a little weight, but always gained it back.  “They” say you don’t have to worry about calories if you keep your carbs low, but I suspect that only works if you have quite a bit of weight to lose, or are having blood sugar issues (like being pre-diabetic or something).

I am healthy as the proverbial horse, take no medication and am within a healthy weight range on every chart I’ve ever seen.  So I think, for me, cutting calories is the only way.  And frankly I’m tired of obsessing over macro-nutrient percentages and grams of carbs and grams of protein and should I try lower carbs and am I ketogenic and blah blah blah.  I can’t take it anymore.  I just wanna eat the food.

Seriously.  When you don’t want to drink milk because it’s “too sugary” and think carrots have too many carbs and you don’t want to buy bananas or grapes for your kids because oh no! they’re so high in fructose and you freak out at the sight of someone eating bread, it’s

So.  Carbs are back for 2014.

(Welcome back, carbs.)

I am trying a new diet though.  (I know. You’re shocked.)

It’s very simple.  It’s called Alternate Day Fasting or (in the new book by Krista Varady) the Every Other Day Diet.  Basically, you do a modified fast every other day – 500 calories.  The alternate day you eat normally.  I won’t go into it all here, but I like the simplicity of it and I’m ready to give it a try. (There’s also a very interesting documentary about this concept of modified fasting – Google the BBC documentary Eat, Fast, and Live Longer if you want to learn more.)

And now that I’ve gotten all that off my chest, the resolutions, in no particular order:

Resolution #1: Weight loss.  I think you saw that coming.  I’m so predictable.  Can’t help it.  Every Other Day Diet, lead the way.

Resolution #2: Yoga.  I enjoy yoga way more than weight training, so I’m looking to yoga to improve strength and flexibility (I have roughly…none) this year.  The gym on base offers classes (for free! score!) plus there are bunches of free yoga videos on Amazon Prime.  I really want to learn to do a handstand, so I’m working on that.

Resolution #3: Running.  My first goal here is to run 30 minutes without stopping.  I still alternate running and walking, but I’m getting there.  I don’t want to set any other massive goals until I accomplish this first one.

Resolution #4: Bible reading.  Last year I resolved to read through the entire Bible.  I made it about half way through.  I’ve thought about this a lot during the past couple of months, when it became clear that I was going to fail.  I knew I could kinda let my eyes skim over the pages and mark the boxes and say I finished, but is that really how I want to read the Bible?  I could resign myself to starting over this year, try again and try harder, but then I would just end up reading the same things that I did manage to read in 2013.  So I decided to give myself a little grace here.  I’m going to continue on where I left off and enlarge this goal to give myself 2 years to read through the Bible.  I’m using the ESV Study Bible plan on You Version.

I also plan to read through the New Testament with the kids, using a plan called 5x5x5.  You read one chapter a day, 5 days a week.

Resolution #5 : Reading list.  While making reading lists for the kids, for school, I decided to make one for myself.  I read a good bit, but for the past few years I have read tons of doctrine (as we transitioned to a different denomination and I had a lot of exploring and learning to do) and as we have seen, TONS of health/diet/fitness books.  I see two problems: first of all, I’m going deep in only two areas and there’s so much out there to read and learn!  I need to read more fiction to balance out my non-fiction tendencies, so I hope that making a list will help with that.  Also, someone asked me what doctrine books I had read and I stood there like a fool, unable to remember anything I’d read!  Maybe a more organized approach will help me keep track of what I have read.  My general goals in choosing books for the list were to read several of the classics (fiction) and to expand into other areas of non-fiction – focusing particularly on history and biography this year.

Resolution #6:  Music.  I need to be more proactive about doing music.  In grad school I regularly practiced 4-5 hours a day.  And now I don’t even play every day.  I never thought that could happen — that I could go days without sitting down to play.  I say sadly that I used to be a pianist.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  I want to practice regularly again.   Practicing makes me feel like me, it resurrects that part of me that got buried by the demands of keeping a house and raising kids.  Therefore, I am resolving to learn (and memorize!) a Bach Gigue that I played in college. Hopefully I will learn several pieces this year, but I’ll choose one at a time.

So there you have it.  My goals for a better Melanie in 2014!

What are your resolutions?

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6 Responses to Resolution Ramblings

  1. shirley wilmoth says:

    I’ve enjoyed this post. I see myself in some of it. Your goals are ambitious ….as are mine. One sentence stands out that I always say – “there is so much to read and learn”. I have resolved in the past to read lots of biographies but have not done it. I stand by and cheer you on ….and I’m making my list as well. #1 no more coffee!! I sigh a very large sigh and whisper an encouraging “you CAN DO IT” to myself as I reach for a box of herbal tea bags. I MUST get back to the gym………..well, this is your blog and not mine… on. love you.

  2. Cindy says:

    Try to track what you’ve read and more. I’ve jot used it yet but it intrigues me and thought I’d share.

  3. loveandkate says:

    I really loved this post! I’ve been secretly training for a half marathon the past 4 months. I have 2 months to go, and if I accomplish this insane thing — I will be SO insanely proud I can’t even tell you. My resolution for the year is to try to simplify my life. You know — get rid of junk, take pleasure in simple things. More nature walks, less going, going, going — that sort of thing. Simpler. I feel very motivated to do it, so I’m hoping it’ll mean a happier life with more focus on the important stuff. 🙂 I love your reading list idea! And I had no idea yoga stuff was on Prime! That’s awesome! LOVE!

  4. As I “tweeted” on New Year’s Eve (will continue to do it & to hate that word!), “FYI, no resolving tonight; I still got enough crap I still need to solve for the FIRST time!!!”

    I have been trying to read a bunch for a while now.. Mainly bios/autobios by dead people (all true & will never change), or flat-out fiction (will never be true, so I can read it whenever I want, & it also won’t change).

  5. Rebecca says:

    Yay, welcome back carbs! You know, it didn’t work for Justin, either. He ate NO carbs for three months and lost 3 pounds. I know he didn’t cheat. I was really surprised that was all the success he had. I read these resolutions with interest, especially the reading ones. I am enjoying a bit of history myself. I found a college textbook (a small one) on WWII that I didn’t read when I was supposed to and devoured it over the past few weeks. Then I realized that I know nothing about WWI, so I got a book about that and “All Quiet on the Western Front,” which is pretty good so far but horribly depressing. My resolutions would be probably be to pray more and live way more simply. I also want to be better with money but that should go along with living simply:) Thanks for sharing these!

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