Disney World

I’ve posted most of my pictures on Facebook, so if you’ve seen those this post will seem very familiar.  I do have a few pictures that Wayne took that I can add.  But honestly, we just snapped pics with our phones all week.  I wish I could come away from – well, any event with gorgeous pictures of my children but it just isn’t meant to be.

We had talked about going to Disney later this year, when it cools off.  But Wayne’s uncle called and said they were going in May and did we want to meet up with them?  Wayne was very close to this particular uncle growing up, and he’s only seen him a couple of times since we’ve been married, so we were obviously going!

Now, I know lots of people go hog-wild and get the character dinner reservations and make fancy matching outfits for everyone and hit Pinterest hard before a trip to Disney.  Those people are amazing, but I have no such inclinations. Wayne got some fast passes and I packed everyone’s (regular) clothes and (cheap, non-decorative) snacks and we rolled on in to Orlando. 🙂

It had been 5 years since our last Disney trip and we were sure this trip would be easier.  No one in diapers.  No stroller.  Big kids.

Well, as it turned out, our kids are at ages that make it difficult to stay together as a family.

We have one child who is tall enough to ride rides and wants to.

One child who is tall enough, but doesn’t want to ride anything scary or fast.

And one child who is not tall enough for the fast and crazy stuff, but really wants to ride them!

So we had to split up a lot.  Emma and I were buddies.  Ben joined us when Wayne and Abby were riding rides that he wasn’t tall enough for (although he wanted to ride them!).

Emma really only wanted to swim in the hotel pool.

I say this to explain to you why most of my pictures are of Emma. 🙂

So.  The first day we went to Magic Kingdom.

Ben got a “1st visit” button and Emma got a birthday button, since her birthday is this month.

This is on the Tea Cup ride, which Wayne spun so fast I thought I my brains were going to roll right out of my head.  I kept my eyes closed the whole time we were moving. (Emma’s name badge got smeared when I did some crazy sunscreen spraying.) (Not during the ride.)

It’s blurry, but I like it because Ben looks so happy.

It rained off and on that day, but once we were inside for lunch anyway, and the other time we were just about to get on Splash Mountain.  They stopped all outside rides for awhile, but we decided to stay in line since we were in a covered spot and leaving just meant going out into the rain!  Roger entertained the kids with his coin tricks.

And here we are on Splash Mountain.  Emma and I are hating it, Roger and Diane are…well, I don’t know but they’re making great faces.  Wayne is obviously feeling the thrill.

I wonder if anyone buys those pictures anymore?  When people get off the ride, they just snap a picture of the display with their phones. 🙂

Wayne, Abby and Diane

I had to keep reminding Wayne to take pictures of the kids in iconic spots.  We got very few, in my opinion.  And not one single picture of the whole family. 😦

The next day was Epcot.

Ben had a quick Monster drink to get his day going.

Of course he didn’t really! He was just holding Wayne’s drink.

The riders took off for Test Track, a ride that goes 65 mph, up high and around the outside of a building.  They loved it.  Emma and I visited the aquarium.

Dolphins doing tricks! (Not that I got any in the picture.) Emma LOVED them.

She also loved posing by the fountains.

A flower and garden festival was going on, and the flowers were GORGEOUS.  My pictures, of course, don’t even begin to do them justice.

I think this was the day that we left the park for dinner and then Wayne went out to ride rides late into the night and I took the kids to the pool to relax. I can’t actually remember.  One night he went back out by himself and one night he and Abby went together.  It’s all one big exhausted blur to me. 🙂

Day 3 was Animal Kingdom.

Wayne looked like this:

The fast pass system may help you avoid lines, but it also means you have to plan everything and get it all timed right. Ugh.

I didn’t take many pictures in Animal Kingdom, but I did catch Emma’s expression during the bird show, when they brought out the bald eagle.

Emma and I walked around and looked at animals while the others rode rides.  We may have also indulged in some ice cream.

The next day was Sunday.  We opted to take a day off of Disney to go to Sea World because there was a Stars Wars thing going on at Hollywood Studios and we wanted to avoid the crowd.  Sea World offers 4 free tickets to military this year, so we took advantage of that.  Honestly, it’s not worth the high ticket price.  I wouldn’t recommend it unless you got a really great deal.  Like 5 for the price of 1. 🙂

Guess what I did while Wayne and Abby rode rides?  Hung out with Ben and Emma!  We visited the oyster divers:

and tried to visit the penguins, but the line was a little too long.  So we just took a picture and moved on.  Emma said, “It looks like Elsa was here.”

We saw some shows and then Wayne took Abby and Ben to ride some rides in the kids’ area.

There are two huge roller coasters at Sea World.  Wayne and Abby rode them multiple times each.  Every time we walked by one, Emma and I would groan and Ben would wistfully say, “I wish I could ride that.”  Seriously, if terrorists wanted to torture me all they have to do is threaten to put me on a ride like that.  I’d tell them everything I ever knew.  Torturous rides.  The very thought is torture.  Not an adventurous bone in my body.

Roger and Diane didn’t go to Sea World with us, but they came to our hotel room to hang out later that night.  It was cool to see Roger with our kids, just knowing that he had been with Wayne when he (Wayne) was as young as our kids are now.  He teased and joked with them and the kids loved him.

One day left, but this is taking forever to write so more soon…

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2 Responses to Disney World

  1. tjchurch2001 says:

    Great pics, of course! (I’ve seen a few on Ma’s Facebook, but most were new.) Two thoughts outside of that:

    1] I always wonder about those “Monster” drinks… Jen’s husband (I don’t use his relationship to me at all, as we wouldn’t be brothers at all if I had been an only child) has drank them as long as I’ve known him, & I just don’t get it; He’s not a monster, & I’ve never seen him turn into one or anything, so where’s the name come from?!

    2] I’ve many times wanted to ride some different sorts of rides (stuff at the Mall or something; Only 1 rollercoaster 1x in my life), but I was medically-blocked from it years ago… Most, however, scare me, so I can’t see the point of blockage; I’d think wanting to ride many of the ones I’ve seen is a sign of mental issues.

  2. shirley wilmoth says:

    rides like that are torture to me too……..scared to death of them………but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed these pictures and the story of your trip and I’ll be watching for more. What a nice chance for especially Wayne but all of you to see Roger again and spend some time with him.

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