Last day of Disney

…a post for my mother.
Because I took so long to post this that everyone else forgot I said I was going to. 🙂 And I forgot what the heck we did that day.

Just kidding.

Sort of.

So first we went to Magic Kingdom, because Emma really wanted to meet Elsa and Anna (from Frozen). We had tried one other day and the wait was 300 minutes. THREE HUNDRED. Five hours. (Who does that?!?) We decided to try again, first thing in the morning. It wasn’t an “extra magic” morning, so we were there with the masses. We did enjoy the opening song – “Good Morning” from Singin in the Rain.

Then we split up, with me and Em running for the princess area. Ten minutes after the park opened, the line was wrapped outside the building and around the carousel. We immediately gave up on meeting the princesses and rode Small World again, and a couple others. Wayne and the other two went to ride Splash Mountain and Big Thunder again.

After that we bid farewell to Magic Kingdom and headed to Hollywood Studios. The riders headed to Tower of Terror. Wayne took this —

A great mixture of terror and joy

Emma and I went to see the Beauty and the Beast show. Then I made her pose for a picture in the sun, which clearly caused her pain.

(But we enjoyed the show.)

We walked around a little more and saw a bit of some stunt show thing that was sooo boring, we finally left. At that point, Wayne said he had done everything he wanted to do that Emma didn’t want to do and Ben couldn’t do and I was FREEEEEEEEEE!!

Understand, I spent a LOT of time on this vacation watching the kids who couldn’t/wouldn’t do big rides.  Wayne had had time alone to ride what he wanted, so we had decided that the last afternoon was my turn.

Is it bad that my favorite part of vacation was being alone?

I went back to Epcot and wandered around the World Showcase all afternoon. It was awesome. I tried to see all the shows that I could, and ate some deliciousness, and drank in the beauty of it all.  It probably goes without saying that I rode no rides.

It was late afternoon and I was hungry, so first I went to Great Britain for fish and chips. I’d actually already had fish and chips there another day, but they were good and I decided not to force variety on myself. Something strange happened there, though. I got my food and had just found a little table overlooking the water and sat down to enjoy my meal, when a couple approached me and asked if they could sit there with me. It was a little table for 4, so I thought that was weird. I acted like I misunderstood them and asked, “Oh you want a chair? Sure!” and the woman replied, “No, we want to sit here. Do you mind?” I was shocked into saying ok. But I really wanted to be alone (finally) and really didn’t want to share my space with anyone, let alone a strange family with no sense of personal space! So I picked up my stuff and left. Yes, I let them bully me into giving them my table. I really, really wish I’d taken their picture first and let them know that I’d be blogging about their rudeness. That would’ve shown them. 😉

I walked back by the maze and found that a band was ready to play, so I sat on the curb to listen while I ate. The music (and the landscaping) soothed my outrage.

Next I headed to France, and while I missed the entertainers there, I did see the France movie, which (nerd alert) I actually enjoyed. So gorgeous.

Next up was Morocco, which I thought was very pretty, but I didn’t do anything there but look around.

Same with Japan, actually.  On our last trip, I had seen the drummers there, but didn’t catch them this time.

America was up next.  I had seen the a capella group there earlier in the week and made a point to see them again.  They sing in the rotunda and it is lovely.  Wanna hear?

In Italy I caught a fun act – a mime who did juggling and some funny audience stuff.

I looked around Germany…

and then headed to China and enjoyed the acrobats.  And the movie.  (Duh.)

We’d been to Mexico earlier in the week and done the boat ride there, so I decided to walk back through everything one more time and get some dessert.  I couldn’t decided between France and Norway, but in the end I chose a dessert in France.  Yum!

Canada is on the other side of Great Britain (at least in Epcot it is!), so I hadn’t looked around there yet. Canada! O Canada!  In Canada I found my dream house.  And my dream yard, assuming it comes with a gardener.  Behold:

Unfortunately, you can’t go in that house.  But I assume it is filled with bookshelves, and would provide its inhabitants with a life of peace, beauty and contemplation. 🙂  That photo is now my lock screen.

I also watched the movie in Canada, which made me want to visit British Columbia.  So lovely! (But clearly I would have to go in the summer.)

And that was my afternoon alone.  It was nearly perfect, and as restful a day as one can have while walking multiple miles. 🙂

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Navy wife. Homeschooling mom. Adoptive parent. Pianist. Introvert. One who loves quiet and beauty.
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2 Responses to Last day of Disney

  1. tjchurch2001 says:

    I remember seeing a bunch of celebs (Drew Carey was one, I think) doing a scavenger hunt on TV years ago that started in the Tower of Terror… I’ve got a MEGA fear of heights, though, so you’d never catch me there.

    Not surprised Morocco was boring, but I LOVE the “Road To” it. (One of my favorite movies ever!!!)

    I feel the pain of anyone taking pictures in the sun like that; I believe it’s the yearbook from my Senior Year where the entire band is squinting.

    Looks like a nice house; Mainly reminds me of the one I wanted to visit in preschool. (Long story, which Mom tells anyone we’ve ever met.)

  2. shirley wilmoth says:

    thanks for blogging just for “me” . I’m sorry you were bullied into giving up your lunch table. ): I definitely would have enjoyed your afternoon more than if I’d gone with the “riders”. I heard about that Tower of Terror and would never come close! The peaceful house and French dessert sounds much better.

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