At the end of the day, I’m another year older

It wasn’t the greatest of birthdays.  I guess they can’t all be good.  Last year, we moved on my birthday.  That wasn’t necessarily bad, but it wasn’t particularly fun.  One year, when I was a kid, my grandpa died on my birthday.  This year was just…lonely.

It used to be, on your birthday, people would call you.  They would actually take time to call you and wish you a happy day.  Your phone would ring and ring and that was my favorite part of a birthday.

I got one call today – a sister – and then after I started writing this, my mom and then the other sister called.

And that was it.

I’m not gonna lie, it makes me sad that I don’t have one single friend who would call me on my birthday.  No friends called (two friends texted), and certainly no one thought, “Gee, Mel’s birthday is Saturday and her husband is out of town and she’s got those kids non-stop, so we should get together for lunch, or maybe I should take her kids for a few hours so she can breathe.”

I don’t know why it’s so hard to make friends here, and frankly I’m tired of analyzing it.

I’m another year older.  It’s not a big deal. But I think I’ll eat another slice of cake – with a little Irish Cream – and forget this entirely forgettable day.

About waymel

Navy wife. Homeschooling mom. Adoptive parent. Pianist. Introvert. One who loves quiet and beauty.
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2 Responses to At the end of the day, I’m another year older

  1. redkeeney says:

    I’m sorry Melanessa. It is hard to make friends. I know I don’t have any, which is why I’ll be going home for mine so I don’t have to be alone. Sorry. LOVE.

  2. tjchurch2001 says:

    I recall (I think) you said you reconnected to Facebook a few days ago. I remember once on “Late Night”, Fallon said “Happy Birthday” no longer meant someone remembered your birthday, but simply they were on Facebook today, (One of the reasons I don’t miss being on it.)

    I was looking for things to do all day, so I certainly would have called &/or texted, or a-thousand other things (literally), but I feel like I upset your Mom constantly talking to her only to update my contact information for each of you.

    Regardless, I remain jealous of both you & my sister, who got to enjoy outdoor parties, something we December birthdays never get (not to mention the hard work we’re forced to do making gift-suggestion lists for birthday & Christmas simultaneously).

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