Ohio trip

We made the long trip to Ohio last month. We hadn’t been there since we first moved to Florida, almost two years ago. We were due, plus the church I grew up in was celebrating 100 years and I wanted to be a part of that.

We spent one night in Kentucky, and then headed on to my sister’s house. They’d moved since we’d last been there, so we got to see their “new” (to us) house and just enjoy a little time together. The kids got out their instruments and played for awhile, which made us moms very happy.

My niece rides the bus to school, and she leaves before her brothers do. So they have taken it upon themselves to provide entertainment for the other people on the bus each morning. Ben was able to don an extra costume and join in the fun. Who wouldn’t want to be entertained by this crew on the way to school?! Lucky kids!

We continued on to my mom’s house for the weekend of festivities. Friday night some friends came over to sing; by the end of the night, both my sisters were there as well. (We hadn’t all been home together in 7 years!) One friend’s daughter also plays violin, so the kids had a blast playing together again. It was so. much. fun. I wish we could do stuff like that all the time, like a regular thing. I’ve tried, but I just haven’t found other people who are interested. With the notable exception of my birthday party last year, it’s just not worked out. Anyway, we had a fabulous time singing and playing until way past the kids’ (and my) bedtime.

Saturday morning, Robyn got the girls warmed up with some stretches.

I’m not even sure how they decided to make this pose; I’m just glad my phone was there to capture the moment. šŸ˜‰

Our girls are getting so big! I looked at our feet and realized you can no longer tell which foot belongs to an adult and which belongs to a child.

We went to a park to get our exercise. After so much time in the car, I know I was ready to burn some calories.

Later, we went to a banquet at the church. While we were busy reconnecting with friends we hadn’t seen in years, the kids ate a lot of cake and added packets of sugar to their kool-aid. Yahooo!!!

Someone with a real, actual camera – not a phone – took pictures of our whole family, but I haven’t seen them yet. I’d really love to get a copy of those.

After the banquet and service, some of us decided to ditch our families and go out so we could visit awhile longer. We got caught up and reminisced and laughed like crazy. (And wished a bunch of other people could have joined us!)

You guys, we stayed there past midnight. Par-tay! When we came out, exhausted and slap-happy, we saw our friend’s car parked like this:

You probably had to be there – I mean, it was way late for us – but we laughed til we cried. And then we laughed some more when we realized that she actually was inside the lines. But from this vantage point, it looked like she had parked completely randomly. Man, stuff is funny at 12:30 a.m.

Robyn and I were happy to see that Mom had left a note for us on the kitchen table, just like in the old days.

Morning came too soon, and with too little caffeine, but we headed back to church to continue the reunion.

We stuck around for the “picnic” after service – moved indoors because of weather.

The girls did a lot of this:

The boys tried to stop moving long enough for me to snap a picture, but Jesse couldn’t quite do it. Always in motion, those boys. Handsome, though, aren’t they?

And then it was time to celebrate Robyn’s 40th birthday! Family came over, and later, our string-playing friends came back, and we sang and played some more. What a great time.

Gifts for the birthday girl

She only had a teensy sliver of cake, since she’s preparing for a fitness competition.

We stayed up late again, knowing we’d be tired but not caring at all. Totally worth it.

On Monday, I managed to stay in my pajamas all day long. I did laundry and tried to recover from the busy social weekend. It was wonderful, but we introverts need recovery time after something like that!

I got some pictures of Ben and Mom doing stuff together. He loves that she gets down and plays games with him. šŸ™‚

Making cards for Robyn

Learning a little sign language. Dark picture, but sweet.

A family we knew from here just moved to Pennsylvania over the summer…only about 60 miles from my mom’s house! Of course we had to go visit them. Another great reunion!

And then it was time to load up again for the long journey home. It was a sweet and wonderful trip and I’m so thankful for all the memories – and music – that we made.

About waymel

Navy wife. Homeschooling mom. Adoptive parent. Pianist. Introvert. One who loves quiet and beauty.
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3 Responses to Ohio trip

  1. shirley wilmoth says:

    wow wonderful. It was a wonderful time and thanks for capturing this for all. Great times and great memories made.

    • tjchurch2001 says:

      I know I’m WAY behind the proverbial “eight ball” on this one, but I still have all the stuff I shot that day/night on my camera… No docs or anything all of November; Now that I got my PC back, have plenty of time to post it. (Just hope I can figure out how to post pics/vids with captions, etc.)

  2. redkeeney says:

    It was a super fun weekend! Thanks for posting the pics. I do hope we get a copy of the “sisters” one and the one with our whole family.

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