Learning Notes – Week of October 20

In the spirit of recording (and being grateful for) what we did accomplish as opposed to noting (and feeling guilty about) all the things we didn’t do each day, I decided to organize my Learning Notes by subject instead of day.  You can go here to check out the fun things other families are learning.

Morning Prayers

Hymn of the week: Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing

Bible reading in NT epistles – Titus, 1, 2, 3 John, started 1 Peter.  (I think the people who stress faith over works never read those books.  It’s pretty clear that good works are expected of those who are saved by faith.  Just sayin.)

A story each day from the Jesus Storybook Bible


We worked on the Willow Cabin speech from Twelfth Night.  They’ve got it, so we’ll start the next passage on Monday.  Plus learn more about the plot.  I like how the Ludwig book slowly unveils the plot as it relates to the passage being learned.  The kids really seem to enjoy our Shakespeare study; I’m encouraged.  We only spend maybe 15 minutes a day on it.

Christian Studies

Story of Jacob – Rachel and Leah,  wrestling with the angel, coming back to reconcile with Esau.  We memorized Genesis 29:20.  The memory verses in this book always have to do with the story rather than being one of the “famous” verses that people usually memorize.


Abby worked on perfect tense.  Emma second declension endings. Vocab.  I adore MP’s Latin program.  It makes so much sense.  So beautifully logical.


Ben is starting doubles plus one facts.  Still a little unsure of doubles, so I stopped doing new lessons in favor of flash cards until he knows those cold.

The girls did their lessons. I love that they can do most of it on their own now.  They come to me with questions, and I always grade their work and make them do corrections, but I don’t sit and teach a math lesson with them individually anymore.  Thank God, because if I had to teach three separate math lessons I’d never get anything else done.

Grammar, Spelling and Composition

Nothing super exciting here.  Abby’s grammar was a lot of review about direct/indirect quotations.  Emma’s grammar recitation included memorizing the eight parts of speech and the definition of a noun (which she already knew from First Language Lessons).  Abby continues to work on fable rewriting (progymnasmata style) for composition; Emma does dictation or copywork two or three times a week.


Abby isn’t really enjoying Famous Men.  At this point in history, it’s a lot of obscure and hard-to-pronounce names.  And the stories are sort of disjointed from week to week, especially since we were used to Story of the World.  She did some map work about a couple of countries in Africa.  (Snooze-fest.)

Emma is doing Greek Myths which MP throws in as Classical Studies instead of History at this grade level.  She likes the myths, and actually Abby wants to do them, too, but it’s really not history.  Not sure how I feel about that.

For Geography Emma worked on memorizing the Great Lakes and added Michigan to her list of States/Capitals.

Basically, not excited about MP History and Geography.  Thinking about making a switch to a more literature-based plan for those subjects, for both kids.  Thinking about it quite a lot, actually.  I’m tentatively planning to do something completely different next week – after I have another week to think and plan more concretely.


We learned about Orion and practiced playing “connect the dots” (that’s how it seems to me) to draw the constellation.  This is another area I think could use some beefing up.

Books we read:

Still reading On the Banks of Plum Creek as a morning read aloud.  Emma’s lesson plans instructed me to read the picture book The Stranger so I did.  It was an interesting, sort of mysterious story.

Ben: Froggy Rides a Bike, It’s Mine!, The Story about Ping, Winter Story (our first Brambly Hedge story, which he asked for twice!), The Whingdingdilly.  We may have re-read some of the Pooh books.  Some Beatrix Potter, which he actually liked.  I was surprised because it seems old-fashioned and kind of girly.  Not in a bad way, just not something I would have thought to get for him on my own.  But it’s on The Lists, you know.  In addition to the phonics book, he’s into the third box of Bob books now.

Abby: Still reading Prince and Pauper.  (Says she doesn’t like it, but I’m making her finish.)  Started A Door in the Wall for literature.  Reading Percy Jackson in free time.

Emma: Still reading Farmer Boy for lit.  Chapter and a half of The Saturdays on audio book.  Reads various things at night – leans towards animal books and Magic Treehouse, mostly.

Me: Almost finished with Desiring the Kingdom.  Started Jayber Crow. Finished Prince Caspian on audio book last week.


I ran Sunday (7 mi), Monday (3 mi), Wednesday (5 mi), and did a 5k race on Saturday.  I ran the 5k four minutes faster than I did the one in March! Really pleased with myself for that.

Fun stuff

My church had a Trunk or Treat on Friday night.  The girls are Greek goddesses.  Ben is a Power Ranger.  Our neighbor, Max, is some wrestler (I have no idea).

Ben drew this picture. I’m told it’s a monkey eating bananas in a tree.  I love how he made the two dots and used the ruler to connect them – he’s been learning to do that in math.

Abby was holding Maggie while we recited Shakespeare, and Maggie was looking up at her like she was really and truly enjoying it.  Even dogs enjoy Shakespeare! 🙂


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2 Responses to Learning Notes – Week of October 20

  1. amgboord says:

    I read the Brambly Hedge books to my now 7 year old a year or two ago and he loved them. I must confess to loving them, too. Especially the illustrations. I have to say, though, that we share your daughter’s view of The Prince and the Pauper. Nobody here was too keen on it either, even though we all love Twain.

  2. shirley wilmoth says:

    I’ve enjoyed this post as I have the others. Really like the picture of Abby reciting to Maggie. Cute smile. You truly have busy days.

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