Learning Notes – Week of October 27

Joining the Learning Notes link up once again.  Follow the link to read what other homeschoolers have been up to this week!

Morning Prayers. Review week for hymns – today we sang Sing Praise to God Who Reigns Above.

Chapter of Plum Creek. Metaxas version of The Emperor’s New Clothes.  Did the recitation for this week, skipped review of previous weeks. Skipped Shakespeare.

Girls off to do math. Ben and I did math flashcards. Still having trouble with 7+7 and 8+8, mostly. Page of handwriting – uppercase K. For reading, he chose a book about planets. Interesting because it was brand new to him. He kept thinking the other planets in the illustrations were the moon, which made me realize that he’s never been exposed to the idea of other planets. Went over a short part of phonics lesson about the ph sound. Read a Frances book to him. He read 2 Bob books to me – he chose one from the 2nd box and I chose one from the 3rd box. We also went over his recitation, which we do somewhat sporadically, but hopefully a few times a week. (It’s the kindergarten MP one.) He’s been learning the months of the year, and now, the continents. We got out the globe and reviewed what a continent is and where we live (and talked about how cool it is that he was born on a different continent!).

Abby watched the Latin video for the new lesson, and worked on workbook exercises. Then Emma watched her Latin lesson video, or most of it. (The Latina Christiana lessons are so long! The teacher talks about derivatives for days.) They worked on English-type stuff next. In the afternoon we did the Christian Studies lesson together. It was about Joseph and his brothers. Coincidentally, both girls had had that story in Sunday school the day before.

We packed up for the afternoon activities and headed to violin lessons. On the way from violin to homeschool strings we listened to The Saturdays. Wayne came and picked Ben up so that gave me free time to read while the girls were in class. I looked through the Clarksons’ Educating the Whole-Hearted Child – a book I’ve had for years but wanted to revisit. Honestly, I don’t love it. Some of it’s really preachy and some of it’s so idealistic and of course some of it is just outdated (I have an old edition).

From there we headed to swim practice. I didn’t feel like running, so I just walked a mile and then read some more.


School got a late start today because the girls had laundry to put away and they are the slowest laundry-put-awayers in the history of clothing.  I finally told them they’d timed out and would have to do it this afternoon.  They’re at it again right now, playing more than putting away, but it’s their time now.

We sang Praise to the Lord the Almighty.  Prayed and read from I Peter.  Read the final story in the Jesus Storybook Bible.  We’ve been through it several times, so I think we’ll shelve it for awhile and do something else.

I read the Hans Christian Anderson The Little Mermaid, and of course we talked about how it’s so different from the Disney version.

A couple chapters of Plum Creek.  I got choked up when Pa returned (from working in another part of the state, after the grasshoppers destroyed their crop), which the girls didn’t understand.  I mean they understood the story; they just don’t understand why reading about it made me a little teary.  I tried to explain how scary it must have been for Ma to have her husband go so far away and to hear from him so infrequently.  Not knowing if he’s alive or dead or sick or well and if he’ll ever come back.

Skipped Shakespeare because it was getting late in the morning and I’d forgotten to print the papers for the new passage anyway.  Skipped recitation accidentally.  Rats.

I sent the girls off to do math and Latin and got ready to work with Ben.  Emma likes to come out about every 2 minutes and ask a question.  I finally told her to just do all she could and wait to ask questions.  So many interruptions – so bad for everyone’s focus!

Ben and I did some math flashcards and a review math page.  He did a page of lowercase k for handwriting.  We read The Biggest House in the World and the Beatrix Potter story about Jemima Puddle-duck and the fox.  He read a few review words to me from the phonics book, but then Wayne came home for lunch and that was that.

Abby had had some trouble with her math lesson, as it was a new concept, so I sat down with her after lunch to work on that.  Turns out it was about measuring angles and we need to buy a protractor.  I explained the lesson and she got it, but she couldn’t really do the problems without a protractor, so she lucked out there.  We went over the Latin assignment and her chapter of The Door in the Wall.  She worked on her fable paraphrase.

By then Emma had read her assigned chapter of Farmer Boy, so we talked about that and then did a dictation sentence and the grammar lesson.  We started her Latin, but she got frustrated with the translation so we took a break to read the Greek myths lesson.

Abby has asked to join us for Greek myths, so today we all sat on the couch (as opposed to the table, where we usually work) and read Persephone (by Sally Pomme Clayton) and then the corresponding story in the D’Aulaire book.  Instead of having them write out the workbook answers, we went over the questions orally.

Emma and I then went back to the Latin, which actually came much easier.  I guess she did just need a break.  I checked her math but didn’t make her do corrections; we can do those tomorrow.

I had a 6 mile run scheduled, so I headed out around the neighborhood once Wayne came home from work.  He took the girls to swim, and since I was still running, he took Ben with him. 🙂


Today we sang Immortal, Invisible and read the first chapter of John.  Then two chapters of Plum Creek.  I remembered to do recitations – this week’s plus a review of the past several weeks.  I just think this regular review is making such a difference in how much they retain this year.  So pleased.

Then we had to leave for Emma’s doctor’s appointment.  Poor girl has inherited her mama’s skin issues.  By the time we got home, it was lunch time. (Free medication is great, but the cost is a long wait at the pharmacy.)  While we were gone, I had Emma listen to The Saturdays on my Kindle.  Abby read a chapter of Prince and Pauper and then reverted to her true love, her iPod.  Ben played on his DS and I read a bit of Jayber Crow.  I had the girls tell me about what they read on the way home.

After lunch I told the girls to work on math and Latin.  I read to Ben: Miss Rumphius, Always Room for One More, and Potter’s Tale of Samuel Whiskers.  Then he read two Bob books to me: one hard (that I chose) and one very easy (that he chose).  He asked to play math games on the computer and I decided that would work.  I helped Emma with her math, and States and Capitals (Wisconsin and Illinois today).  Abby did her math and Latin and literature, all alone.  Then we played through a bunch of her violin recital pieces and Emma practiced alone.  Abby’s recital is next week.  It hit me while we were playing that we should invite the kids in homeschool strings to come to her recital.  Being new, we don’t know anyone well yet, but at least those are kids who are more likely to be interested in a violin recital.

The public library had a Halloween event, so I took Emma and Ben.  (Abby felt like she’d be too old, and she wasn’t wrong.  I didn’t see anyone her age there.)  They told some jokes and did a little play and then the kids got to parade through the library and get candy from employees stationed in various areas.


Today we sang Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing and read the second chapter of John.  Then two chapters of Plum Creek.  We started the new passage of Twelfth Night – the opening speech.  Went over recitation questions for this week and reviewed the past several.  I sent Emma to work on math, spelling and Latin, and told Abby to work on spelling and grammar and composition, since she didn’t do those yesterday.   Ben and I went through math flashcards and he did a page of handwriting – uppercase Z.  We also went over his recitation questions.  I read to him: Something is Going to Happen, and Stone Soup.  Then we tried Eric Metaxas’ Mose the Fireman, which didn’t really hold our interest (I started paraphrasing and leaving stuff out about halfway through).  Then we read the last story in the Potter Hill Top Tales – The Tale of Ginger and Pickles, which was not my favorite and most of it went over his head.  I was starving by then and decided to go to Chick-fil-A for lunch. 🙂  Wayne was able to meet us there.

After lunch we did our astronomy lesson, which was about Canis Major and Canis Minor.  All I can say is, those Romans had vivid imaginations to see a dog out of only two stars.  We also read the Magic School Bus book about the solar system – I was trying to make things more interesting, but other than generally being about the solar system, the topics didn’t really match up and the girls weren’t that interested.  Oh well, I tried.

When we came in from lunch, “the little boys” –  the kids who live across the street – were out playing (they’re moving this week so I suppose they’re done with preschool) and Ben wanted to go out and play with them.  I let him even though he hadn’t read to me; it’s a beautiful day.  That made the girls feel like school should be out, even though it was still early afternoon. But I had Emma read a chapter of Farmer Boy and discussed it with her, then had her do a few sentences of copywork.  I helped Abby with her Latin translations (she really just likes to ask me if she’s right before she writes it down – I’m not really helping) and told her to read another chapter of Prince and Pauper.  Oh and I had her work on her English Sovereigns poem and heard her say the final three stanzas, which she did very well.  I think we’ll call that done.


I didn’t type up anything about Friday on Friday, so most of it is gone. Ha! I know we read a couple chapters of Plum Creek.  Oh! We got to hold a baby. 🙂  Looks like I’m going to start watching a friend’s baby when she goes back to work, so they came over to talk about that. The girls loved holding her (so did I!).

Then I had the girls work on math, while I worked on a menu plan and a grocery list.  Totally let Ben wander about, not learning a thing.  I also had the girls do their Latin tests.  Neither did as well as they normally do, which told me that we need a Latin review week.

After lunch, we read a chapter of the 3rd volume of Story of the World. (We’ve been through the first two books in previous years, and I’ve just decided we’re going back to that for history.)  I also read The Boy Who Held Back the Sea which was on the literature list to go with that chapter – which had some stuff about the Netherlands in it.  I asked the questions in the activity book and we did the map.

And I think that was it for Friday.  I knew I had to get to the store before dinner and before all the trick-or-treaters started coming by!  (They start early around here.)  Wayne took the kids out and I got to stay home and hand out candy. (We did it the opposite way last year.)  Earlier this week I finished both Desiring the Kingdom and Jayber Crow, so I decided to read A Wrinkle in Time, since it’s on Abby’s list for this year and I hadn’t read it before. (I know.  I read a lot of twaddle in my young years.)  I read it in one sitting.  I think Abby will like it; surely she’ll like it more than Prince and Pauper!

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4 Responses to Learning Notes – Week of October 27

  1. jenhamrick says:

    Loved reading your notes, as always. 🙂
    We’re reading A Wrinkle in Time, too! It was one of my favorites as a kid.

  2. shirley wilmoth says:

    I loved reading them as well . It sounds like a lot of work and learning. I hope the strings kids come to Abby’s recital.

  3. The Saturdays are amongst our most loved books!

  4. redkeeney says:

    I would like to come over for morning songs and a little reading. And a snack.

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