Learning Notes – Week of November 10

I did not write notes this week as we went along, so I don’t know what we did.  See ya next week.

Just kidding.  Linking up with Melanie’s Guilt Free Learning Notes again.

Monday was our first day back on regular lesson plans.  I remember it went well and it felt good to be checking things off the list again.  After school we did our usual private violin, group violin and then swim team.  But it was a little easier for me because Wayne only worked a half day, so Ben got to stay home with him.

Tuesday, being Veteran’s Day, was a holiday for Wayne.  I had decided we would work a normal school day, though, because we didn’t have any special plans.  I figured the kids would just ask to watch tv and fight, and who needs that?  So Wayne went fishing (alone) and we started our normal morning time routine.  Around 10:00 a herd of neighbor kids knocked on the door — they were out of school and wanted to play.  I caved.  So they just played outside on Tuesday.  That evening I went back to the homeschool mom meeting.  It was ok — actually three people I already know showed up, which made the eat/visit part less awkward for me than it was last month – but I don’t know that I’ll go back.  It doesn’t really seem like the women in the group are looking for new friends.  I don’t really see any other reason for me to go.

Wednesday we balanced precariously on the brink of chaos.  I had the baby all day, so there was just extra noise and extra fighting (the girls fight over who is holding her more) and more to think about in general.  We managed to do all the stuff on the lists, or most of it anyway.  Lunch takes longer when you are trying to feed a baby who only wants to nurse.  Oh! That reminds me…the baby was crying at one point and Emma whispered to me, “Why don’t you just nurse her?”  So we had a quick chat about when mamas have milk.  🙂  We had a lovely surprise that evening – my mom sent us money to go out to eat for Veteran’s Day!  She’s the best.  We went to an Asian buffet place that we all like and hardly ever go to because it’s on the other side of town. 🙂

Thursday was pretty normal I think.  We are still reading Hans Brinker, but I continue to skip large portions which detail Holland’s history and culture.  It’s just way too much.  Learning about a place and time in the context of a story is one thing, but this is such a blatant departure from the story that I feel no guilt about skipping stuff.  We read some more of the James Herriot Treasury for Children this week, too.  And plenty of picture books, but since I didn’t write them down AND I’ve been to the library and returned stuff, we shall never know exactly what I read.  We went out for lunch on Thursday – we were out of groceries, basically, and I hadn’t had time to go, so we went for pizza.  Ben entertained us with his straw wrapper.

I changed our Friday schedule a little – left an open hour to catch up on stuff that we didn’t do earlier in the week, and then planned time for tests, which is mostly what is on the lesson plans for Fridays.  I also planned time for “music with mom” since I don’t usually get to practice with them during the week.  (One girl practices while I do a subject with the other one.)  That worked out well this week.

In the afternoon we went to a couple of used book stores.  I spent more than I meant to – isn’t that how it goes in bookstores?  Emma wanted some more Magic Treehouse books, and since I’m so happy that she’s finally interested in reading something, and also because those books are gender-neutral and Ben is likely to read them too, I bought 7 or 8 of them.  I bought the Lord of the Rings trilogy, some more of the Little House series that we were missing, some L’Engle, and three of The Dark is Rising series.  Basically trying to buy books that I know (hope?) we will all read and re-read.  Of course, Abby just wants to read popular YA fiction like The Maze Runner and The Hunger Games.  I keep saying no.  There are so many great books that are appropriate for an 11 year old – why should she read pop literature that is intended for teens?  She doesn’t see my logic at all.  All she can say is, “All my friends have seen it.  [So and so] has read it.”  I’m so jealous of the people who can say “Oh, my child loves to read Louisa May Alcott” (or other classic lit).  I admire them and want to smack them, both.  I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.  My children are already sure that everything I like and recommend is completely lame. 😦

Friday night I went to a Sacred Harp Singing.  I just recently learned about a group that meets once a month to sing four-part hymns.  It was a small group, but I enjoyed it.  The people were friendly and I am always up for singing hymns!  I’d like to go again.

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5 Responses to Learning Notes – Week of November 10

  1. jenhamrick says:

    Yay for a nice Veteran’s Day dinner!
    I hope my kids love the classics… We’re already struggling with that. Thomas likes A Wrinkle in Time well enough, but he’d much prefer a Ninjago graphic novel. 😦 But I’m guessing the preference for YA stuff is more of a girl thing, where the boy thing is just not preferring to read at all! We’ll get to them yet! 😉

  2. jenhamrick says:

    Oh, and the Sacred Harp singing sounds fun! We did a little shape note singing in college — I think that’s the same thing? Love a good old-fashioned hymn sing!

  3. tjchurch2001 says:

    Maybe I’m playing a little “Devil’s Advocate” here, or maybe I’m just asking fair questions, but I’m confused: You like your kids taking time to read, but it sounds/reads to me like you don’t want them reading what they want to. I never read them (Jen has), but I don’t think there’s any “mature audiences only” material in the “Hunger Games” books… I’d say better they read that now than “Little Women”, “Little House”, or any other books (with any-size characters) that take place with them churning the butter & stuff nobody our age ever did.

    Also, on the Veteran’s Day bit, I’m split: Part of me has the reaction he’d be used to fighting (Florida’s probably nothing like Fallujah), but part of me says all you do going fishing is sit back, relax, & probably sleep, which is what I feel our vets deserve.

  4. redkeeney says:

    Love Em’s nursing suggestion! That’s awesome. Ben looks so… boy! I don’t know how else to describe it. He’s just a little man with his arms crossed.

  5. shirley wilmoth says:

    such a handsome man even with pieces of straw for amusement of the rest of the family. He looks like he is enjoying himself and that’s always entertaining to me. I too love love Emma’s suggestion and I love hearing how your week has gone. If I were there, I’d have gone to sing with you. That sounds like fun for sure. Glad you had a good dinner out on a day that was very busy.

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