Learning Notes – Week of December 8


We were signed up for a field trip to the fire station, and we had a messy kitchen since we’d been gone at a swim meet all weekend, so we didn’t do any morning meeting stuff.  When we got to the fire station, we found out that there had just been a huge accident and all the firemen had gone 10 minutes before we got there.  Trip was rescheduled for Thursday.  I guess that’s a chance you take when you plan a field trip to a fire station.

We came back and had lunch and tried to get some work done.  I read Little Toot to Ben; he read a Bob book to me. Did a page of handwriting.

Abby did corrections on 2 math lessons and Latin test corrections.  She didn’t do well on that test, so I decided to make this a review week for her and told her I’d give her the test again on Friday.  She worked on composition, a variation exercise on a fable.  Took a quiz on first 5 chapters of Robin Hood.  Practiced piano.

Emma did corrections on 2 math lessons, listened to a new Latin lesson on the dvd and copied the new vocabulary. Did corrections on her Greek Myths test from last week.

We did the Christian Studies lesson together.  Then I read An Orange for Frankie, which was on Emma’s lesson plans for sometime in the last week or two.  I’m trying to work those Christmas stories in.

Off to violin lessons.  It was picture day for homeschool strings.  Skipped swim.

After dinner I read a chapter of Hans Brinker and then the Strega Nona Christmas story.  Also did the Advent reading.  Once a week seems to be all we can manage.


I’ve long had a rule about no tv until school is done for the day.  Everyone’s school has to be done before anyone can watch tv.  But with Baby here in the mornings, I’ve had to make some adjustments.  Since she cries anytime she’s not being held, her parents suggested letting her watch a certain show on Netflix.  So I’ve been trying that in the mornings, just to give me a chance to make and eat breakfast. Ben and Emma are thrilled.  Which is hilarious, because if I suggested that they watch Numbers Parade they would scream and cry for the great embarrassment of having to watch a baby show.  But if it’s on, they’ll watch it.  See?

On to morning time…Maggie (the dog) is very jealous of Abby holding Baby. That’s her normal spot.

We finished Hans Brinker!! The girls said they give it half a star. 😉  We thought the main story was interesting, but there was just so, so much other stuff.  We’d like to watch the movie.  Maybe we’ll get to that over Christmas break.  We did the Handel/Advent reading and songs. Memoria Press Recitation. I had also decided we would memorize most of Luke 2, but honestly, we’ve just been reading it together every morning.  I’m not going to be too particular about the memory part.  I’m too tired to be particular about everything.

Ben did a page of handwriting, and a math lesson about putting things in groups of 10s.

After lunch I read the Dr. Seuss tongue twister book and Giggle, Giggle, Quack.  He read a lesson in the phonics book – we’ve moved from the long a sound to the long e sound.  I’m going slowly.

Emma did a math lesson, English grammar, Spelling, Cursive, Latin exercises. Read a chapter of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.

Abby did a math lesson, Grammar lesson, Spelling.  Finished Island of the Blue Dolphins without much to say about it. We went over her Robin Hood quiz from last week, she read the next chapter and we went over discussion questions about it. Composition – rewrite of fable.  As always.  I might go back to Writing with Ease. She continued with her Latin review of flashcards and recitation questions.  Practiced piano.

I did Greek Myths with both girls, the story about Pandora’s jar.

After we finished everything, I had to go over corrections with Emma.  Abby didn’t have much so I left hers until tomorrow.

Somehow they both managed to not practice violin. Hard when Baby is here because she usually sleeping in the afternoon.  I guess she might sleep through it.  I’ve been scared to try.

Wayne took the girls to swim. I read The Night Before Christmas to Ben, at his request.


Messiah selections. Recitation. Luke 2. Started new read aloud: A Christmas Carol.  I was sort of alarmed to find I identify with Scrooge – at one point in the first chapter, he exclaims that all he really wants is to be left alone.  Dude. Me, too.  I expect to be visited by ghosts any day now.

I read two Mercer Mayer books (the one about thunderstorms, and the trip to the hospital one) and Alexander’s No Good…Day to Ben.  He read the book about the pig and the gum (basically like a Bob book but not).  His reading is definitely getting more fluent. He thought that book was really hard, so I let him off the hook for phonics book.  We did the calendar and skip counting, etc, parts of math, then an assessment.  I left the lesson part for tomorrow.  One page of handwriting (two sentences).

Abby – Math lesson. Spelling. Grammar (so easy this year, not sure if I should be concerned or if it’s more of a review year). Read a chapter of Robin Hood. Latin flashcards. Started a new fable for composition.   Worked on memorizing The Pleiades. Practiced violin and piano.  Seems like she should be doing more, but these are my priorities – language arts, Latin and math.  Might start assigning extra history reading, but that means I’d have to figure out what that would be. 😛

Emma – Math lesson. Latin vocab. Grammar exercises about pronouns. Page of cursive. Spelling. States and Capitals – quiz on southwestern states and review of the 4 regions we’ve studied so far.  Meant to have her do a puzzle of the USA but forgot.  Finished Best Christmas Pageant Ever.


Messiah selections. More of A Christmas Carol.  I also read a picture book called Snowflake Bentley.  Recitations and Luke 2.

I read to Ben – Strega Nona Christmas (again), Animals in Winter, Cynthia Rylant’s Snow.

We went back to the fire station for our field trip, which went well.  The baby slept in the carrier and never made a peep, thankfully.  I thought the tour and information was very interesting.

At this point my note-taking for the week gets rather sketchy. Pretty sure the girls did math and some spelling or grammar, maybe both.  Latin.  I think I told them to read something.  The baby kept crying and it was hard to be super focused.  I think I did some math with Ben.

The homeschool strings group had their concert that night.  I had to make cookies, of course. Tis the season to bring 2 dozen cookies everywhere you go.  The girls enjoyed playing in the concert, and, in fact, decided to continue in the group because it was so much fun!


We were tired after being out late for the concert, so I didn’t have super high expectations for Friday.  We did morning time stuff. They did spelling tests and Latin quizzes.  I think they did math lessons.  I let Ben play on the computer – he asks constantly if he can play “math games” because ONE TIME I let him do that instead of a math lesson with me.  Only I don’t think he has to do much math in order to play the games.  Heavy on the “games” and light on the “math.”  Oh and they talked me into going to Chick-fil-A for lunch.  After that I had planned to do our Astronomy and History lessons, since we only do those once a week, but…then there was a mouse spotting and that was that.

We’ve seen several mice lately; apparently they’ve got a whole labyrinth in the walls of our house.  As of today (Sunday), we’ve caught 7. SEVEN baby mice. So anyway, Miley got really interested in the area behind Maggie’s cage, and then one of us saw a mouse, and then we stood on chairs and counters and watched and watched and then I gave up on doing any more school.

We’ve been going non-stop lately, and I haven’t read any blog posts in at least a week.  Hopefully I can get caught up over Christmas break.  I also plan to Read All The Books.  Or as many of them as I can.  I’ve been too tired to do much of that, either.  Anyway, go read about other families at Melanie’s blog!



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6 Responses to Learning Notes – Week of December 8

  1. loveandkate says:

    I’m continually impressed at all you do! It’s truly amazing. And I laughed out loud at the Scrooge part — hilarious. And the girls look amazing at their concert!! And so grown up! Oh my goodness! And I adore Ben. And…that’s my notes on your notes. 🙂

    • waymel says:

      Thanks, Kate. I usually look at what I’ve done and reprimand myself for not doing more. (The voice in my head is kind of a jerk.) I appreciate the encouragement. 🙂

  2. shirley wilmoth says:

    you are amazing. Even your blog is amazing. I LOVE that you are expecting ghost visits soon and that it is the season to take 2 dozen cookies wherever you go. The girls look wonderful and grown up at the concert and funny and cute upon the counter watching for another mouse. Add a baby to all this and I say that jerk voice in your head doesn’t read your blog. love you

  3. amgboord says:

    Me, too – I’m just counting down until after Christmas, when I am planning to Read All the Books too. Advent always drives me kind if nuts with all there is to do. Sounds like y’all are really keeping up, even with the addition of the baby!

  4. redkeeney says:

    As always, I feel like you get a ton done, so tell the voice in your head to shut up. (Mom, is it okay if I use that word? I know it’s not very nice.) I love the pic of everyone on the counter.

  5. Rebecca says:

    I remember not caring much for Island of the Blue Dolphins, either. I don’t get why that’s such a classic. Best Christmas Pageant ever, now that I get! I’m glad the girls decided to continue in homeschool strings! It looks fun.

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