Learning Notes – Week of January 26


Hymn (Fairest Lord Jesus), prayers, Bible (Ephesians 4), Training Hearts, Training Minds. I’m really liking this book, not just for explaining the catechism (one question per week), but because each day contains one or two scriptures that I make the girls look up.  So they’re learning the catechism, having it explained, and learning to find the books of the Bible all in one fell swoop.  Part of last week’s schedule change included the decision to give everyone piano lessons during Morning Time on Mondays.  Music Mondays, I dubbed it. (So clever, right?)  Ben had his first ever piano lesson.  He was very excited.

I had been looking at those Veritas Press history cards online, and almost bought them new over the weekend for $44.  Had the sudden inspiration to check the homeschool bookstore online, and lo and behold, they had them for much less.  Thus I shortened our Monday schedule to make time to go across town and buy them, even though I had to take the children with me.  We had violin at 2, so I posted a  shortened schedule to get through as much as we could. Math, Latin dvds, grammar, writing.  For Ben, math review page and phonics.

They all really like to know what’s coming. They like to have a visible schedule so they know the plan.  I’m secretly thrilled that they are thus subtly being trained to be list makers and schedule keepers.

Anyway, we went to the homeschool store and I even had store credit, so I got the cards AND the teacher manual for $14. On to violin, then indulged them in slushies from the gas station before going on to group strings.  As we ran around town, we listened to reader’s theater version of Voyage of the Dawn Treader.


MT – Hymn, prayers, a chapter of Ephesians (Abby and Emma took turns reading the chapter), THTM, week 17-18 recitation.  We worked on our Shakespeare passage (“What is love? tis not hereafter”), although with bad attitudes.  I get so annoyed when I have to stop the pleasantness of reading and memorizing together to correct stupid attitudes. Keep reminding myself that someday they will be grateful, even if they aren’t today.  Started the Veritas Press cards with Salem Witch Trials, skipping some of the beginning cards in the set because we’d already covered it.  I adore SWB, but she put the entirety of the American Revolution in one chapter of SOTW.  I thought we ought to slow that down a little, and I think these cards will be just the thing.  We worked on our Declaration memory work on the whiteboard, erasing a word or two after each repetition.

Read alouds: On the Shores of Silver Lake.  Picture books: a Gerald and Piggie book (Ben loves those so much), and There’s a Nightmare in my Closet.

Carried on with our other work in the usual way.  The girls decided the Music Monday should be followed by Taco Tuesday.  I had no better plan for dinner, so we did that.  Swim team, during which I ran at the gym and listened to more Circe talks.


MT – skipped hymn since the baby was sleeping, Bible, THTM, MP recitation weeks 4-6 and 15-18 (sort of random review). Picture books:  Sir Cumference and the First Round Table, Hattie and the Wild Waves, Verdi, Silver Lake.  More work on memorization of Declaration opening.

The girls decided that Music Monday and Taco Tuesday should be followed by Wacky Wednesday.  Abby accordingly wore her tiger hat all day.  Emma wore pajama pants all day, which, honestly, is not that unusual.  (She starts the day dressed normally, but changes frequently.)  I let Ben stay in his pajamas.  We’re not normally quite that relaxed, but whatever.  I got tickled at how covered the table was when I worked with Abby.  Some serious work going on there! Even in a tiger hat.

Went on doing our work, but I was tired and feeling like I deserved a treat.  Secretly resolved to take them to Dunkin Donuts after our work was done.  Sometimes you just need some sugar.  And a fun surprise.



MT – Fairest Lord Jesus, THTM, MP recitation week 18, review of VP history card,  Shakespeare and Declaration memory work, Silver Lake (3 chapters, we were on a roll), picture books: My Shadow, Arthur’s Great Big Valentine, Hooray for Amanda and Her Alligator.

Ben has been working on the “sums of 10” facts, and he’s not really getting it.  I gave him 10 pennies and had him separate the number given so he could find the missing number. That helped some, but he was still frustrated a lot.  I looked at the book and discovered that if we keep doing one lesson per day, we will finish way before the end of the school year.  It’s already Saxon 1, so I don’t see any reason to start Saxon 2 while he’s still 6.  So we’ll slow down, do more review, take 2 days to do lessons sometimes.

The baby really loves Taylor Swift.  Seriously, she can be in a horrendous, inconsolable crying spell and if you start playing “Shake It Off” she will instantly stop crying and smile and dance.  This has led to way too many replays of that song in my house, but the kids love it.  I couldn’t get a non-blurry picture because they were dancing.

Notice the tiger hat hung around for another day.  The cutesy naming of the days kinda fizzled out at this point.  Emma tried for enTHUsiastic Thursdays, but that wasn’t met with much enTHUsiasm. 😉

While the girls were at group strings, I stopped by Target.  And then, for some reason, I decided that I needed a treat and walked right into Baskin Robbins and bought myself this.

I guess I’d conveniently forgotten the donut treat I had given myself the day before.  Apparently, it was a two treat kind of week.  I was exhausted, though.  The baby arrives at 6:30 and the kids get up then, too, and I just run from one thing to another all day.  At lunch that day, everyone wanted the same ridiculous can of soup.  Who would’ve thought that 3 children would all – on the same day, no less – desperately want to eat the same stupid $1.30 can of soup?  So I made macaroni, too, and let them all share both things. But then I had to make something else for me.  And feed the baby her soup.  And cook the meat for the lasagna and dump all the ingredients in the crock-pot so there’d be something to eat when we finished at strings.  You can imagine the dishes, which I did after school and before strings.  Sooo…what I’m saying is, I felt like a little more sugar might be warranted.


MT – Fairest Lord Jesus, THTM, Ephesians 4, MP recitation of most weeks. The  Declaration memory work is going really well; they almost have it.  I’m going to add a little more next week.  We only worked on the first paragraph this week.  We finished Silver Lake! And read Davy Crockett from American Tall Tales, a little Emily Dickinson, a few words about Da Vinci for a lame attempt at artist study.  Not doing art is an ongoing source of guilt in my life. Read to Ben during his time with me, since I skipped that during MT.  Each Peach Pear Plum (a very simple I Spy book, but he liked it), Amos and Boris.

I try to keep Fridays shorter, just doing the most important things: Latin quizzes, grammar, literature, math, instrument practice.  We did a worksheet for history and talked about the VP card some more.  We were supposed to have a make-up violin lesson before swim team, but the teacher had to cancel at the last minute, which gave us some extra time in our afternoon.  The gym closes early on Fridays, so I can’t run during swim team, but I was perfectly happy to sit in the car and read.

My Reading and Listening

I feel like I didn’t read that much this week.  But I was, as I have mentioned, pretty tired.

Imagining the Kingdom – still plugging away.  Still mostly over my head.

America – Getting close to the end. Lincoln was killed and the country is trying desperately to hold together.

Rediscovering the Church Fathers – Picked this up on a Kindle deal not too long ago and started it this week.  I haven’t really read any of the church fathers, and this was billed as being an accessible introduction.

I have a collection of Sayers mysteries sitting on my nightstand but haven’t started it yet.

I bought some more Circe talks – they’re on sale, 10 talks for $15.  Couldn’t pass that up.  I’ve also been listening to the Church of the Redeemer talks about the Anglican Way, which are really good.

I also started watching Downton Abbey again.  I devotedly watched the first 3 seasons, like most of the women in America, but the 3rd season was so ridiculous, it felt like a soap opera. Which is not really my thing. So I quit watching. But people are talking about the new season, and my sister said it got better again in season 4, and I was too tired to read one night so I gave it a try.  Sucked right back in to those gorgeous clothes and rooms and the lovely way of speaking.  Everyone so courteous.

Read more learning notes at the link up.

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4 Responses to Learning Notes – Week of January 26

  1. redkeeney says:

    Lincoln was killed?? I should read more.
    Your treat looks delicious. And I love the tiger hat.

  2. shirley wilmoth says:

    this was my second reading and still just as interesting as the first time. I so enjoy. I like the tiger hat, and of course the ice cream looks great.

  3. Rebecca says:

    I really want to get Training Hearts, Training Minds now. I wanted it before, just based on the title, but now that I know what exactly it is, I am totally getting it. I LOVE the kids’ theme day ideas. They’re the best.

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