Learning Notes – Week of February 16


Morning time: Piano lessons all around.

We did our Christian Studies lesson, which was about the Exodus. I stuck recitation in with that, weeks 19-20.

Ben – Read 2 Bob books to me (from set 3). I had him do the back of a math page done previously (I think of them as review pages) and a few lines of copywork.

Abby – Latin, math, spelling, writing, read chapter of Robin Hood

Emma – Latin, math, grammar, writing, read chapter of The Matchlock Gun

Violin lessons.

Then we went shopping and bought a new bed!  Very exciting.  Long wait for delivery, but my neck and shoulders are hopeful.

At dinner I issued the Practice Challenge: Let’s see who can go the longest without missing a day of practicing.  Last person standing gets $10.  The girls were all in.  I decided to play along (pun intended) now that I’m trying to get my piano chops back, even a little.

Bedtime books with Ben: Mo Willems book about who can fly and two chapters of My Father’s Dragon.  Emma read a Magic Treehouse book.  Abby is reading the Demigod Diaries.  (Last week I discovered her reading The Long Winter of her own accord but I was careful not to look happy about it.)  I finished Robin Hood, did my Bible reading, read a few paragraphs of Imagining the Kingdom and a little in my Genesis book.  I wanted to read John Adams but was too sleepy.


MT: We sang All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name, read John 1, THTM question 10, Recitation weeks 17-20.  Picture book: Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears.

We listened to the history song, read the current card (First Great Awakening), and read the beginning of the John Hancock book by Jean Fritz.  Then one chapter of Wizard of Oz

Ben finished the page of handwriting he’d started yesterday.  I read a Pooh book to him, the one where Pooh gets stuck in Rabbit’s hole.  (“How long does it take to get thin?”  “About a week.”  Ha. As if.)  We did a math lesson about counting by 5’s, using tally marks and also nickels and groups of 5 pennies.

Emma kept interrupting because she didn’t understand her math lesson.  Yesterday’s lesson and today’s were about dividing with bigger numbers, and she just doesn’t read the lesson carefully enough to get it on her own.  I had her work on other things while I worked with Ben; I think she did her spelling and handwriting before going off to practice violin alone…which basically means she played everything as fast as possible while I yelled from the other room for her to slow down and actually practice.  Then I gave up and brought her back to work on math with her.  I actually tried to help Ben with a worksheet at the same time as I helped Emma with her math, but that was insanity and I soon let Ben go.  Emma’s lesson also showed her a neat trick about adding the digits of a number to see if it is a multiple of 3 or 9.  Having recently heard Andrew Kern talk about finding cool patterns in numbers to help students find the wonder and beauty in math, I took time to emphasize how cool it is that those patterns exist. (*pats self on back*)

Then Wayne came home with sushi and that was that.

After lunch the girls and I did the Greek Myths lesson.  Then I worked with Abby.  Emma was supposed to work on her math some more, but Oh! the drama of her life.  It was all quite impossible, so she went off to read The Matchlock Gun and Charlotte’s Web.  Abby and I went over the work she’d already done: math, Latin, grammar test, and spelling.  We did her writing lesson, which was summarizing a passage.  She’s gotten really good at working independently, which is a huge help to me.  Then she went off to read Johnny Tremain and Black Beauty.  She hasn’t complained about either, so she must like them.

I called Emma back to help her, at long last, with her math.  Once I was sitting there, she whizzed through the problems.  Her issue lies more with lack of focus than with not understanding math!  I checked her spelling and she did her Latin (again, just needed me to sit there and say “yes, that’s right.”).  By then it was 2:30 and she still hadn’t done her literature questions, grammar, or composition.  I decided to go with the lit and skip the rest for today, after lecturing her about the need to be more focused.

Finally called Ben back to finish his math paper, poor boy.  He kept saying, “I’m going to be the last one done!” like that was some travesty.  Someone has to be last, man.  I’m only one person.

Everyone scattered to play and I practiced piano for about half an hour.  I decided to work on a movement from a Bach French Suite, and the Poulenc Novelettes that I did in grad school.  I’d like to add a sonata, but I sold most of my music a couple years ago, so I don’t have a lot to choose from right now.

Bedtime reads: A couple chapters of My Father’s Dragon for Ben.  Emma listened to the Return of the Indian.  Abby finished the Demigod Diaries.  I did my Bible reading, a couple of pages of Imagining the Kingdom, and then read John Adams for awhile.  It really is so interesting.  It reads like a novel.


We got a late start on MT, mostly because the baby is sick and hasn’t been here this week, which means we all sleep later.  We sang All Hail the Power (different tune than yesterday) and talked a little about Lent and Ash Wednesday.  Read the second chapter of John. Went over MP recitation weeks 15-20.  THTM (catechism).  I read A Time of Wonder, which was not well-received because it is image-driven and not story-driven.  Ben kept saying, “The End” – well before the actual end.  Emma liked the pictures.  Then Wyynken, Blynken and Nod and a chapter of Wizard of Oz.  We were supposed to read math and science books, according to my schedule, but I neglected to get any of those from the library this week and we were running behind anyway.

Ben did an assessment page for math and learned that “ai” makes the long A sound.  Read some homophones, like maid and made.  We read the Pooh book where Pooh and Piglet follow their own footsteps, though they think they’re following a Woozle.  Also read Frog or Friend.  Then sent him away so I could help Emma with her math again.

Both girls worked super slowly all day, but we got mostly everything done.  As it was Tax Return Day (yay!), we went to Chick-fil-A for lunch.  Emma did a review of the southern states for States and Capitals.  Abby begged to put her Famous Men work off another day.  She was whiny, but I think she did everything else on her list.

Wayne came home early and I went to the library alone.  Realized later that I forgot to get science and math books again.  Darn.

I went to Ash Wednesday service, so I wasn’t home to read to Ben.  Abby did her school reading at night.  Emma listened to the Return of the Indian.  I watched Justified. 🙂


Sang our hymn, prayed, read John 3, did THTM.  Finished Will You Sign Here, John Hancock which was pretty interesting.  Picture books for the day: Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed and The Steadfast Tin Soldier (that one’s kind of a downer).  Then recitation: weeks 2, 4, 7, 12, and 18-20.  The girls stood up and spun around in circles while answering.  Finished MT with a chapter of The Wizard of Oz.  We haven’t done Shakespeare all week, oops.

I didn’t write any notes after this.  We did the other subjects as usual and went to homeschool strings.

Friday happened, assuredly, yet I wrote nothing about it and thus remember nothing.  Oh, I do remember that we did Shakespeare, finally.  Friday was the only day that I had the baby; she’s been sick with a double ear infection for weeks and the first round of antibiotics didn’t work.  So Friday was busy in all the usual ways, plus baby.  Also, I won the practice challenge.   We’ll try again this week.  Hopefully they’ll last a little longer!

Saturday we had a swim meet all day. I listened to two Circe talks while hanging out there.  (Cindy Rollins’ talk about Morning Time is really good; encouraging and inspiring.)  Sunday we went clothes shopping after church.  And so I am hurriedly finishing these notes on Monday morning before the kids get up and another day really begins.  I got up early to try a short run, test out my knee, but it’s raining.  Of course it is.

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3 Responses to Learning Notes – Week of February 16

  1. redkeeney says:

    Boo for the rain! I can just hear Ben saying “I’m going to be last!” ha. Why did the girls spin in circles while answering? Who pays you the $10? I think they should all three contribute…. hmmmmm…. I bet that would be great motivation if the winner is paid from EVERYONE’S stash. 🙂 Please hug everyone for me as a part of MT. Thanks!

    • waymel says:

      They spun in circles because it was fun. Duh. 🙂 I pay myself the $10, but I like how you think. I’ll be sure to add “Hug from Aunt Robyn” to my MT list.

  2. shirley wilmoth says:

    I’ve enjoyed as always. I was not surprised Ben’s main focus was that he would be finished working last. So boy! There is sure a lot of reading going on in that house. Love it!

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