Weekly Wrap Up

We had a pretty good school week. Last week it felt like everything was dragging and we were getting done late every day, always frustrated, but for whatever reason the kids seemed to perk up this week and be more industrious.

I added Storytime Treasures to Ben’s work after Christmas break, which is going well.  I think it’s time for him to do more written work, so this is a step in that direction.  After working in it for awhile, I realized that beginning grammar work is done through this text, so I tossed First Language Lessons, which we had been doing about three times a week. But I’d rather stick with the Memoria Press sequence, since I plan to do their full curriculum henceforth and forever, amen.  So far we’ve worked on a couple of Billy and Blaze books, Ping, and Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie.  We did a little work today on Stone Soup, which Ben declared to be in his top 10 favorite books.

Emma and I finished reading Swallows and Amazons. She said she liked it; I liked the story part but thought the writing was unnecessarily full of minute descriptions of how they sailed the boat (which mean nothing unless you know something about sailing already, which we don’t) and did other very specific tasks.  It got weighed down by those lengthy descriptions.  She read the Just So Stories and then started Prince Caspian.  I’ve got to watch out for that girl though; today I asked her what she’d read during her 30 minutes of free reading and discovered that she’d been reading through her own diary.  I heard myself say something I didn’t previously know needed to be stated: Reading your own diary does not count towards anything on your school list.

Abby is working her way through Oliver Twist. She’s not interested in reading more than a chapter a day, and some chapters are pretty short, so she may be reading it for the rest of the school year. I guess I’m okay with that if she is.  She’s also started The Hobbit for literature, which means we’ll go through it together with the Memoria Press lit guide. I bought the book on Audible so I can listen to it and keep up that way.  It’s been two or three years since I read The Hobbit myself.  I’m hoping she’ll enjoy it and want to read the trilogy on her own soon.  But I have to tread carefully; inspiring a middle-schooler is stealthy work.

Abby is doing really well in her online Latin class.  I was hoping she’d be inspired to take Third Form next year, but she insists she is done with Latin after this year. (I bought the Third Form books just in case. Shh, don’t tell.)  Emma and I continue to work our way through First Form.  I constantly struggle to get in enough review time with her. We need to drill, drill, drill to over learn the material until it’s second nature.

Ben had his last basketball game last Saturday. They lost. Again. They never won a game all season, but he told me that basketball is his favorite sport yet.  Of course, they all got trophies despite their abysmal season.

In other news, I got some new sandals this week.  I had this pair of Sketchers for at least three years and they were perfect. I knew they were worn out, but I couldn’t find anything else that I liked as well.  And then it hit me: I could probably just buy the same exact sandals online. So I did.  I never have been good at change.



Weekly Wrap-Up

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One Response to Weekly Wrap Up

  1. redkeeney says:

    I missed this! I love that Em thought she could read her own diary for “credit”. Hey, at least she wasn’t reading anyone else’s diary, right? Ha.

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