7 Quick Takes – Scripture Memory, Sorry, and So Long Facebook

Today I’m linking up with Kelly at This Ain’t the Lyceum for 7 Quick Takes.  Go here to read the other posts.

1.One of my goals for the summer was to start working on memorizing a book of the Bible.  I saw a recommendation for Fighter Verses from Desiring God Ministries and decided to buy the app. (That’s the first time I’ve ever bought an app, btw. I bought it with money I saved using a rebate app. Technology for the win.)  I really like it.  They have a set group of verses to learn, on a schedule.  I chose the extended set, which helps you learn longer portions of Scripture. First up – memorize Philippians over the course of one year.  With the app, a notification pops up each day to remind me to study my verses.  There are quizzes and other study helps within the app.  You can record yourself saying the verse(s) and play it back to test yourself.  If you’re trying to memorize Scripture, check it out!

2. Yesterday I deactivated my Facebook account. Yes, again. As Facebook has changed over the last few years…honestly? It’s just gotten boring. Almost no one posts an actual “status update” anymore. It’s a long list of links. Links to videos, links to posts, ads, sales pitches. And I don’t care about most of it. I’ve been struggling with feeling isolated, and I think social media contributes to that problem.  Maybe a break from virtual relationships will force me to interact with the three dimensional people more.  Plus, I sort of like being counter-cultural.  “Facebook? Oh, I don’t have a Facebook.” 😉

3. Apparently I’m the last person on the planet to hear about Airbnb.  I’m planning a trip to Kentucky for a homeschool conference in a few weeks, and I needed to make my hotel reservation. Another mom on the MP forum mentioned that she had used Airbnb to find a place to stay for less than a hotel would cost.   After looking at hotels and not finding anything as cheap as I wanted, I decided to check out Airbnb. I ended up finding a room with a “semi-retired” French teacher at a much lower rate than even the cheapest hotels. C’est bon!

4. My girls and their neighborhood friends are currently obsessed with Sorry. The old board game. Obsessed. They play game after game after game, day after day after day. Can you imagine the reaction if I’d told them they had to play a board game? Sometimes you just can’t predict kids at all.

5. And it’s a good thing they like something that doesn’t require electricity, because we woke up this morning to no power. I have seen 4 Gulf Power trucks go by. Hopefully that’s a good sign.  I’m bummed to miss my early morning reading time, although I still read my Bible on my Kindle. And I can write this on my laptop even without wifi. But there’s no coffee, so that’s weird. [We finally got power at 7:30, which went off again briefly at 8, and thankfully has stayed on since.]

6. Abby is going to camp on July 4, so we had the idea to tie-dye shirts in red, white, and blue.  Yesterday we did that with the other girls who are going to camp with her – there are 4 of them going together. It was really easy and they had a fun time together. Now Emma wants to tie-dye with her friend before she goes to camp, later in the summer.

7. Abby has a friend who is going to be in the new Gilmore Girls episodes (Yay, Hunter!), so she begged me to let her watch the show.  I was torn – I love the show, but Lorelai sleeps with every man who smiles at her and I didn’t really want Abby to unthinkingly absorb the idea that that’s okay.  I finally said she could watch the show with me. So, several nights a week, we settle on the couch together and watch an episode. It’s fun to share one of my favorite shows with her.  Since her previous tv viewing has mostly consisted of those awful Disney sitcoms, it’s nice that she’s getting a taste of actual quality writing. Hopefully her standards are rising.

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One Response to 7 Quick Takes – Scripture Memory, Sorry, and So Long Facebook

  1. shirley wilmoth says:

    I have noticed you didn’t seem to be on fb. Is the place where you will stay which you found through airbnb a bed and breakfast? Maybe you will get a chance to speak a little French. (:
    Abby’s hair looks so pretty in curls. Did she do it with a curling iron or is it natural?
    We had no power yesterday morning for several hours. It is amazing what you cannot do without power! I used to like the Gilmore Girls too but had that same concern. So Abby goes to camp the same day you go to the conference, right?

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