Wednesdays with Words – The Awakening of Miss Prim

I read The Awakening of Miss Prim last weekend after seeing it recommended by Rod Dreher.  I loved it! Not so much because of the story, necessarily, but because of all the ideas that the author is sharing while she tells the story.  Classical education. Great books. Latin. An amazing community of people who work reasonable hours doing work they enjoy, and love beauty and hospitality.  Plus I learned a new term: distributism. Completely fascinating.

I loved this passage, where Miss Prim is talking with some children about fairy tales. When asked which fairy tale is her favorite, a young girl replies, “The story of the Redemption.”

Miss Prim (who is not a believer) answers:

“But Tes, it’s not exactly a fairy tale.  Fairy tales are stories full of fantasy and adventure; they’re meant to entertain. They’re not set at any specific time and aren’t about real people or places.”

“Oh, we know that, ” said the little girl. “We know it’s not a normal fairy tale; it’s a real fairy tale.”

Miss Prim, pensive, adjusted her position on the old iron bench.

“What you mean is it’s like a fairy tale, is that it?” she asked, intrigued.

“No, of course not. The Redemption is nothing like a fairy tale, Miss Prim. Fairy tales and ancient legends are like the Redemption.  Haven’t you ever noticed? It’s like when you copy a tree from the garden on a piece of paper. The tree from the garden doesn’t look like the drawing, does it? It’s the drawing that’s a bit, just a little bit, like the real tree.”

What words have impacted you this week? Check out what other people are reading at Lady Dusk.

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2 Responses to Wednesdays with Words – The Awakening of Miss Prim

  1. Now I have to find this book! Great quotes, thanks!

  2. shirley wilmoth says:

    hmmm I’ve written this on my list of books to read. I’m reading a book by Max Lucado who is wonderful at making words into pictures for the reader and this book has been no exception. It is too much to share here. Thanks.

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