Seven Quick Takes – VBS, Books and Trips


One. I’m back on Facebook. Did you miss me? (Kidding, I’m kidding.) I’m using a browser extension called Facebook Purity, which allows you to have more control over what you see in your feed.  I also unfriended about 20 people – people I never interacted with anyway.  Then I unliked about 70 pages, keeping only the few pages that I really like and want to hear from. My feed is still pretty boring, I think because so few people really write “status updates” like in the old days. And since I’ve blocked a lot of tagged photos, ads, and posts friends have “liked”, there’s less in my feed. And that’s fine. I do want to connect with a few people, and I’m in a couple of groups that I use regularly (one for my neighborhood and one for my Memoria Press people).  My love-hate relationship with Facebook continues, but for now I have a bit more control over the parts I dislike.

Two. Emma and Ben have gone to VBS this week. They’ve had a good time, and it beats them hanging around here, whining and asking for more screen time. Emma says she only went so she wouldn’t have to do school. Whatever, Miss Long Legs.

Three. Our summer reading and daily checklist discipline has gone right out the window. I’m supposed to be reading Oliver to Abby – and we’re nearly finished – but I don’t think we’ve opened it in a week.  She doesn’t even want me to read it, so she certainly isn’t reminding me. I’m almost finished reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to Ben, and while he does like it, he’s usually too busy to want to stop and sit and listen. I’m in the middle of reading The Rise and Fall of Mount Majestic to them all, and it’s really funny, and I think they like it, but they don’t ask to hear it.  None of them read at all unless I force them to.  I’m not sure they’re actually my children. 😉  It’s hard (for me, anyway) to balance their desire to have a fun and carefree summer and my desire for them to be readers.  Apparently I’m a horrible failure at inspiring a love of books and learning. Horrible. Failure.

Four. In happier news, on Wednesday I was able to attend a service at the PCA General Assembly, where the Gettys gave a concert and then led worship, and Tim Keller preached. I went with my friend Kimberly and her new friend Angela, but quite a few people from my church were there as well. It was a really fun evening.  The music was wonderful, and the sermon was both convicting and encouraging. Tim Keller gets extra points for quoting Shakespeare in the course of his sermon – he threw in a few lines of the St. Crispin’s Day speech. Which I now want to memorize.

Five. I’ve been listening to the Ben Hur audio book for the last week or so. (Thanks, Overdrive and Navy General Library!) I don’t know why I’m always surprised when a classic book turns out to be good. Duh, it’s a classic for a reason! The audio is around 22 hours long, so my podcast listening has been way down while I commit to this story.  I’ve been listening on my morning walks and while I cook dinner and while I do dishes or fold laundry and whenever I’m alone in the van….  My bluetooth headphones are awesome, AND our new van connects with my phone via bluetooth as well.  (This may be old hat to you, but it is very exciting to me. Our 2009 van did no such thing.)  Anyway, if you’re looking for a fascinating, epic story set in Bible times, Ben Hur fits the bill.

Six. I’m still following the Every Other Day Diet, but I’ve realized that I’m eating too much sugar. The diet doesn’t regulate that, but I just know it’s true. My calorie counts have turned into guesstimates, and I’m sneaking a few pieces of candy here and there, and I have to admit it’s adding up. The kids’ diets have been pretty bad lately, too. So today I bought a lot of fruit, and stuff for salads. I should probably quit drinking diet coke while I’m at it. My Precious. I should probably just stick to water, coffee, tea, or milk. Yeah, that’s what I oughta do…

Seven. Only 10 more days until I leave for the homeschool conference! I am so excited. A long drive alone. Three days with other nerdy, book-loving moms who have similar educational ideals and use the same curriculum I do. A chance to learn how to be a better teacher to my three favorite students. Quiet evenings alone to process what I’m learning…and read, of course. I hope I’m not too tired to read. I haven’t thought too much about what clothes to pack, but I have been thinking about which books to bring. Probably just fiction, as I’ll likely be brain dead in the evenings. I’m also planning to see Romeo and Juliet at Shakespeare in the Park. Basically, I’m going to nerd heaven. AND my sister might drive down and see me.  AAAND on the way home, I’m staying with Allison Burr of Truth Beauty Goodness.  Which is super exciting because I think we might be ideological twins. So excited.

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One Response to Seven Quick Takes – VBS, Books and Trips

  1. Robyn Keeney says:

    I have the same thought about classics when I read them… oh! This is good! ha ha.

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