Psalter Resources?

One of my goals for this school year is to sing more.

We always begin our school day by singing a hymn, but I’d like us to sing more.  Towards the end of last year, I added some catechism songs and skip counting songs to my time with Ben, and I’d like to add even more to our group time every morning.

I’m looking at ways to add Latin songs and prayers to our morning time, but I’d also like to sing from the Psalter.

This is something I’ve heard a little about, but I don’t have any direct experience with it. Apparently there are Psalters – Scottish, Genevan, old English, modern English, metric, non-metric…  All the options have overwhelmed me, to be honest.

So I thought I’d ask the internet for help. Do you sing from a Psalter in your home or in your church?  If so, please tell me what that looks like for you and what resources you recommend.

Obviously, I can accompany us on the piano, but I might prefer a cd or mp3 that we can sing along with.  We will start morning time by the piano, for the hymn, but then I plan to move to the kitchen table, and it would be awkward to move in the middle of things. I’d like to sing at multiple points in the morning’s “liturgy” (because that’s really what it is), not just at the beginning.  So I’m imagining the other music to be available to us there at the table.

I would also like to have words, at least, if not music, to follow along with as we sing.  These could be printed from a website, or if there’s a small, inexpensive book that we could order, that would work, too.  But I’d be ordering 4, so probably not an entire hymnal/psalter. A pocket version, perhaps?

What have you used?  What do you recommend?


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One Response to Psalter Resources?

  1. shirley wilmoth says:

    I’m heading over to my bookshelf to see what Webster offers next to “psalter”. I applaud more singing and I bet Emma will too!

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