Seven (Minus Two) Quick Takes

I started a Seven Quick Takes post, but only made it to five. And didn’t finish it on Friday. So here are some random takes on Saturday.


As a committed bibliophile, I’m not much for tv. But Wayne and I do like to have an ongoing show, something we can enjoy together. It’s hard to find a clean show that’s interesting to us both, though. And most shows are out of the question due to explicit content or the glorification of all that’s dark and twisted. I could go on for awhile about that, but I’ll refrain.  The point is, Poldark.


Britain, 1780s. The main character is decent and kind, loyal and hardworking. He’s trying to rebuild his home and his business while doing the right thing, and of course there are multiple love stories as well. (Also, an inordinate number of people in that village have curly hair. Just sayin’.) We just finished the first season on Amazon Prime.  Apparently the second season recently began, so now we’ve got to find a way to watch that. We’ve enjoyed it, and it’s been decently clean so far. Anyone else a fan?


Emma’s desk, where she is supposed to do her schoolwork, has looked like this all week.


EKL desk sept 2016

Clearly, she’s not able to actually do any work there. She’s been working at the table, and even though I’m there with Ben, it’s working out okay.

EKL work at table sept 2016


She’s still going to spend some time cleaning this weekend.  Obviously.


As a discerning eye might have noticed in the above picture, we have changed back to Saxon math. I’ve been teaching Saxon math for 7 years, but this year, in my desire to go “all in” with Memoria Press, I made the switch to Rod and Staff.  It didn’t affect Abby, because she’s doing Pre-Algebra from a different company, but I tried Rod and Staff math with both Emma and Ben.   We didn’t like it. After 5 weeks of being frustrated with their way of teaching, I realized that I still owned the appropriate levels of Saxon for both kids, and gave myself permission to switch back.  Everyone’s happy. Or as happy as they’re going to get about math.


We had Ben’s birthday party this afternoon. We had to postpone it from last weekend because some of the friends he wanted to invite were out of town for the holiday weekend. He requested pizza and, in lieu of cake, pecan pie.  (Yes, seriously. My 8 year old wanted pecan pie for his birthday party.)

Ben bday pie 2016


We ate at home and then went to an indoor trampoline park that recently opened. He’d never had a party “out” somewhere, so it was all very exciting.

Ben bday party 2016




Here’s what I’ve been reading lately…

 Recently finished: You Are What You Love, and Smarter Better Faster.

Currently reading:

Les Miserables – When Hugo is good, he’s great. But he wanders a whole heck of a lot. Did he not have an editor? Oy.

The Count of Monte Cristo – audio book. So, so good. (Both the story and the narrator, John Lee.) Dumas is much better at sticking to the story than Hugo.

I’m still working through my “morning books” – the Bible (of course), The Great Tradition, and Grudem’s Systematic Theology.  And I’m still reading A Wrinkle in Time to Emma and The Railway Children to all my children. We’ve been less consistent since we ditched morning time.  I might just finish it myself. They probably wouldn’t notice.

I’d like to get back to Planet Narnia, which I started several months ago and abandoned because I was reading too many books at once.

You can read more quick takes, from people who probably wrote all seven of them, at This Ain’t the Lyceum.


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4 Responses to Seven (Minus Two) Quick Takes

  1. shirley wilmoth says:

    thanks for filling me in. Looks like, from the smiles, that the party was a success.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Ben has great taste! I wonder if he will be a chef.

  3. Robyn Keeney says:

    Five is plenty. (Four is… right out!)

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