Haircut Woes

Part of moving is finding all the new places: doctors, dentists, hair salons. I basically chose a doctor’s office at random; we’re rarely sick so I’m not that picky. (We’ve already been to the doctor twice, though. Abby needed a referral and Ben put a bead deep in his ear. And actually the doctor’s office messed up the insurance claims for both. So much for random choices.)

But for a hair salon, you need a recommendation. So one day after church I asked the woman I’d been chatting with if she could recommend a stylist. She gave me a name and number, and I made an appointment for a cut and color for me, and a cut for Abby. We went yesterday.

The lady was very nice, and her prices were extremely reasonable.  But it didn’t go well.

Abby’s cut was…okay. She showed the stylist a picture of a short cut styled with light waves. The stylist straightened Abby’s hair and repeatedly suggested that Abby could curl it at home to get those waves.  Neither of us understood why she didn’t curl it herself. But whatever.

Me, on the other hand.  My color turned out fine. My cut did not.

I mean, it’s not terrible. I had several inches taken off, because it’s so dry up here and I felt like I needed to lose some dead length.

But she obviously didn’t know how to cut curly hair. When she styled it, she couldn’t get it to curl. Like, at all. I got nervous. Then she decided to straighten it. I hate having my hair straightened.

It was a little better after I did it myself, curly, but the ends are still too thick.

Also? Those little pieces sticking out underneath? I specifically told her that those pieces would stick out if she didn’t cut them shorter. No stylist ever believes me the first time I tell them that.

Curly hair has a mind of its own. It will mess with you.

She did say that if I had any trouble with it, I could call her and she’d fix it. Why do they always say that? You messed up my cut. You don’t get to cut my hair again.

And now I need another recommendation for a stylist.  I guess I’ll ask someone with curly hair this time.

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Navy wife. Homeschooling mom. Adoptive parent. Pianist. Introvert. One who loves quiet and beauty.
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10 Responses to Haircut Woes

  1. jenhamrick says:

    “Why do they always say that? You messed up my cut. You don’t get to cut my hair again.”
    Truth. You’re fired!
    Did she cut it dry at least?
    I hope you can find someone good. A good hairdresser is hard to find.

    • waymel says:

      No, she didn’t cut it dry, but she had done the color first so it was wet from being rinsed. But I did make sure it was styled my normal way when I went in (as in, not piled in a ponytail or bun) so she could see how my hair normally curls.

  2. maryswanbell says:

    So frustrating! Once, despite warning the stylist how curly my hair was, my heart sank as she gasped when my hair sprung up to be 2 inches shorter than intended.

    That must be so hard to find a new hair stylist every time you move!

  3. shirley wilmoth says:

    It is very hard when they won’t do as you ask! ugh. I agree that it is very difficult to find a good salon. My salon is not perfect but my stylist knows how to cut short hair and that means a lot to me.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Did you use the curling iron a little for the second picture? It looks good! Yeah, maybe finding a curly-haired person would help.

  5. Jennifer says:

    You hair is actually very cute! But I know what you mean. I haven’t had mine cut in a year and a half because its hard finding the right stylist.

  6. Robyn says:

    So hard to trust someone with hair! I think it looks fine, but I see what you mean about the little pieces and she certainly should have trimmed them since you warned her that would happen! I lucked out – asked a girl at work who does her hair and she gave me a name and the lady did a good job…But I’m always nervous!
    Abby didn’t want to share a pic of hers?

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