Seven Quick Takes ~ A School Room, an Amish Obsession and a Birthday

It’s been awhile since I did a SQT post.

  1. School started. I have an official school room this year, for the first time ever. It’s in the basement, which is unfinished, but it’s a space dedicated to school. Wayne made a huge whiteboard – it’s about 6 times bigger than the one I’ve been using for years – for about $30. He had to start framing that corner of the basement so he could hang the whiteboard. (He’ll work on the rest as he has time. It’s a long-term project.) We bought a table and 4 chairs at the Habitat for Humanity store for about $45, and got some carpet remnant to cover the concrete floor. We also have 2 smaller tables that the girls have used as desks for years. The kids sit at the main table when they’re working directly with me, and move to other seats when they’re working alone.

First day of grades 8, 6, and 3. This is my 9th year of homeschooling!

2. Ben turned NINE. This is hard for me to believe, probably because he’s small and he’s my baby. He had a party at home, with all his neighborhood friends (plus one from church). They played games, ate pizza, shot Nerf guns, and had ice cream cake.

3. We had some trees removed from our yard – 4 or 5 of them. The Bradford pear in the center of our front yard lost a large branch, thankfully in the direction of nothing. It was close enough to hit the house if a branch had fallen in a different direction. So to be safe, Wayne wanted to have it taken out. We also had several evergreens in the backyard which were mostly hanging over the neighbor’s fence and also taking up a lot of space in our rather small backyard. The neighbors were very glad to see them go, and we’re glad to have a little more yard.

4. Ben had his first violin lesson last week. He’s not terribly excited about learning, and he was very nervous about his first lesson, but afterward he said it wasn’t as bad as he expected. Though he was also careful to let me know that he “didn’t love it.”

5. Tendinitis is not fun. My elbow started hurting in early July. I thought I’d bruised it, but it didn’t get better. According to my internet research, I have tendinitis. I don’t know what caused it – my guilty suspicion is overuse of my index finger from phone screen scrolling and my laptop mouse. I am trying to be more aware of how I use my right hand – something that is forced upon me by the simple fact that my elbow hurts almost all the time and really hurts if I lift anything with that hand. I have started icing it as well.

6. Somehow I managed to skip writing “What I’m Reading” posts for the past 3 or 4 months. I’m hoping to catch up soon, but here’s the gist: I’ve been reading about the Amish. Obsessively. My children have begun to nervously assert WE’RE NOT BECOMING AMISH! Okay, fine, we don’t speak German and we do value education, but couldn’t we move to a rural area and start wearing simple dresses and throw out all our screens?


Just the dresses, then?

I have a lot of thoughts about this, actually, and I hope to find time to write about it soon.

7. Emma is swimming this fall and the schedule might kill me is having a great time making new friends and getting to know her new coaches. She’s swimming for the Y, which theoretically means I could be going to exercise classes while she’s in the water, but last week I was so so soooo tired and just sat in the car instead. Maybe this week I’ll do better.

You can read more Quick Takes here.


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4 Responses to Seven Quick Takes ~ A School Room, an Amish Obsession and a Birthday

  1. Thanks for taking the time to let us know how things are going even though you are so busy. I am excited to see Ben with a violin and at least he doesn’t dislike the idea of lessons or the instrument. That white board is huge! I hope that icing your elbow will greatly help. I’ve begun the book about the Amish but I’m afraid I will have to renew it several times before I finish!

  2. Rebecca Dzikowski says:

    I like these updates! It’s nice to hear how things are going in all these different areas. And my kids also kept nervously asserting that they were NOT becoming Amish every time they saw me reading that book!

  3. yogapartyplanner says:

    Listen… I will support both of y’all if you want to become Amish. We all know I have supported them for years, going back to when I chose Amish for the parade of nations. I wanted them to have their own country. Also… horses. So I’m in.
    I also can’t believe Ben is 9!

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