Bring Back the Blog

I’ve been saying this for awhile: it’s time for blogging to make a come back. Not “buy my stuff” blogging (the internet is too full of that mess) – I’m talking personal blogging. Like we did way back in the early 2000s.  Now Cal Newport is saying it.  He uses more technical terms, but he is suggesting that people post to their own sites instead of to social media.

I’m on a year plan to extricate myself from Facebook. Every day I go in to the “on this day” feature and review all my previous posts from that date. Any memories worth saving (mostly funny stuff my kids said) I write down in an actual notebook. Then I delete all the posts from that date. I am trying not to post anything new there, either. The idea is that in a year my account will be empty. If I delete my account now, memories will be lost – things I posted there, but recorded no where else. I’m realizing that I basically gave my parenting memories to Facebook. But I’m taking them back. 

I’m still not sure how I can “keep up” with various friends without social media. I mean, unless they all establish their own blogs. (Do it, everyone!) But on the other hand, maybe it’s okay to lose touch with people. When I look back at old posts, sometimes there are comments from people I disconnected from years ago. People I knew briefly in some place we lived, and we’re no longer FB friends. And that’s actually okay. I’m not sure it’s necessary to maintain that level of connectedness with everyone I ever knew.

So my new goal is to post here what I used to post on FB, even though only about 10 people read this blog if I don’t link it there!

If you have a blog, post your stuff there! If you don’t, get one and start posting!


About waymel

Christian. Navy wife. Homeschooling mom of 3. Pianist. Book glutton.
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6 Responses to Bring Back the Blog

  1. jenhamrick says:

    Yes! Bring back the blog, people!

  2. Rebecca says:

    I’m all for more blogging! Facebook is too overwhelming for me. I feel like everyone is shouting at the same time and no one is listening. But I like to read blogs!

  3. maryswanbell says:

    I love this idea, and I am with you 100%!

  4. waymel says:

    It turns out you can download a file of your FB stuff — all the photos, posts, etc. So I did that and then deactivated my account. Now I’m one of those weird people not on FB! 🙂

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