Summer Swim

This year Ben joined Emma on the summer swim team. He didn’t want to, but I made him because I wanted him to improve his swim skills and I thought he’d enjoy swimming more than sitting around watching other kids swim. Which is what he did last summer.

He took swim lessons in the spring as a refresher; it had been awhile since his Florida lessons. He enjoyed the class, and I think it really set him up for summer swim. The strokes were more familiar, he had worked a little on endurance, and his confidence was up.

Despite all that, he hated the first few practices. He complained. He asked if he had to finish the season. He asked if I planned to make him swim next summer.

Then, about the end of the first week, he changed his mind. I think it just took a few days to feel like he knew what he was doing, because he’s loved swim team ever since.




(I am editing photos in Google Photos, but for some reason when I upload them here, they revert to the original. I can crop in WordPress, but I don’t think I can brighten. I tried to link them a different way in the original post, but some people couldn’t see them. And the pictures my sister sent me have disappeared entirely. Sigh.)

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9 Responses to Summer Swim

  1. jenhamrick says:

    Woohoo! Good job, Ben!

  2. loveandkate says:

    I’m so happy he liked it!! And I can see your pictures, too!

  3. Rebecca says:

    So proud of Ben! He did a great job at the meet! But no, I can’t see the pictures.

  4. I am happy that Ben likes swimming now. Sadly, I cannot see the pictures. There are just little boxes with “X” in them and I’m afraid that’s all they’ll ever be.

  5. Robyn says:

    I’m glad Ben likes it – and I’m glad that I saw it in person, because I can’t see the pictures.

    • waymel says:

      So weird that some people could see them and others not. I uploaded them a different way. Hopefully you can see them now. The pictures you sent me, which I saved to my Google Photos, have now disappeared. Technology is great, until it’s not.

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