A Man’s Accounting of an Event

{Whoa, my last post was in June?! I once again resolve to write about the minutiae here instead of social media platforms.}

The other night Wayne took Ben to basketball tryouts. When they got home, I eagerly asked Ben how it went.

“Fine. It was fun.”

I pressed for a more detailed answer.

He hesitated. “I’m not sure what to say. We played a game. We did some drills. That was it.”

Could he sound more like a man?


About waymel

Christian. Navy wife. Homeschooling mom of 3. Pianist. Book glutton.
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2 Responses to A Man’s Accounting of an Event

  1. to answer your question …” no, he could not sound more like a man.” That is hilarious and so true. Can you just imagine his wife some day trying to get details of his work or travel? oh my goodness. I’m glad he had a good time. “fun”

  2. Rebecca says:

    He could not! But moms have so many questions. We need to be able to picture the whole thing!

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