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2017-2018 Homeschool Plans: Take Two

Never make your homeschool plans until AFTER you go to the conference. I actually didn’t think I was going to be able to go to the Memoria Press conference until the last minute. I went to a meeting about starting … Continue reading

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Family Day – Five Years

Today marks 5 years since we went to Korea and became a family of 5. He looks so scared in that picture. It makes my heart hurt. And now we can’t imagine life without him. It’s weird that we’ve only … Continue reading

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Homeschool Plans for 2017-2018

*Updated plans here* For the past three years I have used Memoria Press Core Curriculum, either fully or almost fully. I’m generally torn between MP and a Well-Trained Mind approach.  They’re really very similar and there’s plenty of overlap (Susan … Continue reading

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The Time I Got Kicked Out of Book Club

I just got kicked out of a book club. I joined the Pillar Book Club at the beginning of the year.  Have you ever thought something would be good because it was expensive? That’s what happened to me. Long story … Continue reading

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Homeschool Portfolio Review

It’s over. I survived. Homeschoolers in Maryland are required to have a portfolio review, generally twice each year, either with someone from the county or from an umbrella school.  The law is fairly vague, requiring evidence of regular and thorough … Continue reading

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Pulling Weeds

I never work outside. Maybe it’s the bad childhood memories. My dad made us help with yard work and he wasn’t exactly pleasant about it. Maybe it’s the dirt. I’m not a fan of dirt. Or bugs. Whatever the reason, … Continue reading

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Camping with the Cousins

Last weekend we met up with my sister and her family at Eagles Peak Campground in Pennsylvania. We rented cabins, which unfortunately were on opposite sides of the rather large campground. We got to take long walks whenever we visited … Continue reading

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