Spring Break: Acceptable Progress

I really want to blog regularly, but I just cannot seem to make time to do it. I also want to read blogs, but days – sometimes weeks – go by and I don’t even open my feed app! It’s all very Romans 7.  At any rate, here I am again.

We’ve been on Spring Break this week. I was feeling burned out and weary from school, and also overwhelmed with house tasks. When you move – or at least when I move – the first level boxes get duly unpacked and the essentials are put in their places rather quickly. We have to eat, sleep, shower, do school. But by the time you make all those decisions, you are sick of boxes (and decisions) and mostly just wondering why you even have all this stuff. And so it gets shoved in a corner and ignored for a few months.

This week was supposed to be about unpacking those boxes, finding homes for their contents, buying needed furniture, and making some attempt to decorate. Continue reading

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Bullet Journal: One Notebook to Rule Them All

I did it, ya’ll.

I bought a bullet journal.

My systems have been digital for 3, maybe 4 years. Before that I always had a calendar on the kitchen wall, sometimes one in my purse, too, though I could never find a planner that did everything I wanted it to do. A few years ago – several phones back – I decided to put everything on my Google calendar, which has worked because it’s simple and all my stuff is Google; also because Wayne and I can share calendars. We don’t often need to, but we can.

I’ve used a variety of digital productivity apps. Generally I use something for awhile, Gtasks or Todoist, and then eventually life feels overwhelming in some way and I waste spend an afternoon researching apps and systems because ISTJ, people. If something is wrong in my life, it must be the fault of the system.  Obviously the system. Not me. Ahem.

But I’ve been watching the bullet journal stuff float around for awhile, and thought it might be nice to rely less on my phone, but also to keep the contents of my brain in one place. And to have a customized calendar system, although I still plan to use my digital calendar.

I looked at notebooks online, and in about 4 stores, but, frugal minimalist that I am, in the end I decided to go with a simple and cheap composition notebook with grid paper.


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What I’m Reading – January/February

In January and February I read —

  • Right Ho, Jeeves (P.G. Wodehouse) – I needed something light to read while we were waiting to close on our house, and Wodehouse always delights.
  • Wuthering Heights (Emily Bronte) – I bought this at a library sale in Ohio and read it also while we were hanging out, homeless and library card-less. I didn’t care for it. It was so, so dark and I didn’t even like any of the characters.
  • Beowulf: Dragonslayer (Rosemary Sutcliff) – A somewhat random choice after hearing Beowulf mentioned on a podcast.
  • The Far Side of the Loch (Melissa Wiley) – We own a lot of books I’ve never read. I’m trying to get to them all so I can better assign things to the kids, or just recommend them. This is a sweet story but my girls are too old for it and it probably won’t interest Ben because the main characters are girls.
  • Murder Must Advertise (Dorothy L. Sayers) – My favorite podcast, Close Reads, discussed this book recently. I read it to participate, so to speak. It was my 4th Sayers, I believe, and probably my last. Her stories are just *bored shoulder shrug* to me.
  • Home (Marilynne Robinson) – I’ve heard a few people rave about this series, including the folks on my second favorite podcast, Bibliophiles, so I thought I’d give it a try. I did not like it, Sam I Am.  I thought it was sad and repetitive and utterly without redemption.  I stayed up late to finish it, sure that redemption was coming, and then wanted to throw the book across the room at the end. I was seriously in a funk most of the next day over it.
  • The Wars of the Roses (Dan Jones) – I picked this up on a whim, thinking it might help me keep the kings straight as I was reading the Henry VI plays. (More on that anon.) It turned out to be a bit confusing, as the events in the various books didn’t line up with my reading. I would think, “Wait, didn’t he already die? Oh, right, that was in the other book.” But it was interesting, I enjoyed the writing, and I would like to read more of his books at some point.
  • The Eagle of the Ninth (Rosemary Sutcliff) – This is on all the lists, and we’re studying Ancients this year, so I was basically pre-reading to see if I should hand it to Abby at some point this spring. I enjoyed it, so it’s coming her way soon.
  • Out of the Ashes (Anthony Esolen) – I read this for my online book club (Pillar Book Club). I loved it so much that I read it twice in a row. And took notes. And bought the audio book and made my husband promise to listen to it on his commute.

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Technical difficulties

I have been having technical problems with my blog, thus the lack of posting. I was using a photo hosting site, but the renewal fee was astronomical so I canceled it — losing all the pictures in my posts from 2016. That is, I didn’t lose the photos, just the links in the posts.

I gave in and bought a fancier WordPress account so I could go back to hosting photos here. Like this one, from our recent (brief) trip to Ohio.  Suzuki cousins!


Hopefully that works and I’ll be back soon.

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Nomads No More: Life in Maryland

We’ve been in Maryland for a month now. We moved into our house on January 5, and Wayne emptied the storage unit today. Our garage is full of stuff, there are still boxes in the basement that need to be organized and random tools on the dining room floor – which is fine, really, because we don’t have a dining room table – and the living room set we ordered on January 9 won’t be delivered until March 20.

But progress has been made. Three out of four bedrooms have blinds, and only half the mattresses are still on the floor. The kids’ rooms have been painted in the colors they chose, and life is carrying on in a mostly calm and normal manner. Continue reading

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This Is A Blog Post

Hey there! I can’t believe how long it’s been since I posted.

First, I didn’t blog because I spent every free minute looking online at houses.

Then, I divided my time between looking online at houses and packing everything in my house.

And then we left Pensacola, made the looooong drive to Maryland, and spent a week looking at houses.  It was…rough.  All 5 of us – plus the 2 dogs – in a hotel room. For a week. Looking at one horribly weird house after another.  I think I was on the verge of tears at all times for several weeks straight.

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Seven (Minus Two) Quick Takes

I started a Seven Quick Takes post, but only made it to five. And didn’t finish it on Friday. So here are some random takes on Saturday.


As a committed bibliophile, I’m not much for tv. But Wayne and I do like to have an ongoing show, something we can enjoy together. It’s hard to find a clean show that’s interesting to us both, though. And most shows are out of the question due to explicit content or the glorification of all that’s dark and twisted. I could go on for awhile about that, but I’ll refrain.  The point is, Poldark.

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